Duffstep: Getting to Sirius

Duffstep ‘Getting to Sirius’ by JoinTheDots

Yes, it is Du-F-F-step. I had to read that a couple times over as well; your eyes have not fooled you. Jeremy Duffy, the UK based founder of Join the Dots and the man behind the dreamy entrancing sounds of Duffstep, released his debut album Getting to Sirius just in time for the hallmark holiday of love. Now, as Duffstep’s album is a Valentine’s Day release, be sure to share it with a loved one, so that they too can achieve a soulful helping of soothing mental stimulation to go along with all the other good stuff they get from you…a-hem! Get that mind outta the gutterrrr!

Getting to Sirius draws upon blissful soundscapes that make me want to simultaneously get up and dance AND sit down to just absorb it all. Relaxation takes over while listening to the blossoming downtempo beats and slips of echoing vocals Duffy has to offer–appropriate listening for anywhere you’re willing to melt a bit, as the beats are super mellow. Just when the layers of ambient sound start to dissipate to a subtle content space, the tempo lifts and the bass picks up, transcending into tones that shift into serious soulful dub.

Perhaps there might have been a higher intention that Duffy kept in mind, as many of the tracks take on seductively enchanting swaying rhythms. “My Kiss”, “Love the Freak”, “The Way It’s Got to Be”, and “Backseat” are some of the track titles that directly relate to the serendipitous release date. Oh, excluding Track 9: “This isn’t just Duff, this is Duffstep”.

Check out Getting to Sirius, give it a listen, see if it fits, and (as always) rage responsibly!

Scope the artists of Technicolour Moon; the folks who worked collaboratively on the production of Duffstep’s album art in the video below:

Duffstep ‘Getting to Sirius’ Album Sampler from Join The Dots on Vimeo.

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