Digging Into the Mystery: Desert Dwellers “The Great Mystery Remixes Part 2” Review

Another plunge into the springs of transformational sound brings us the second re-exploration of Desert Dwellers’ ceremonious studio album, The Great Mystery. On the heels of the first remix album released earlier this summer, Desert Dwellers co-producers Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe’s latest release offers a renewed look at their first fully co-created album since joining forces in the late 90s.

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The Great Mystery Remixes Part 2 picks up where the first remix album left off by delving deeper into the abstract and further blurring the lines between visionary and earthly sound. Featuring tracks from an array of aural mystics and seekers working in the shapeshifting realms of exotic trance, tribal techno, aboriginal glitch and psychedelic dub, this flavorful array of hallucinatory and metaphysical sounds is a fresh feast for the senses that will allow the mind to ponder more mercurial states of being.

Amidst the tier-one assembly of artists featured on the album, blooming psy-glitch explorer Sixis continues to test the frontiers of psychedelic bass with a technically rich and spacious twist on “Our Dream World.” Playing true to the expressive and thought-provoking tactile sounds that drew praise for his recent EP, Refraction Point (as well as numerous other remix projects this year), Sixis stylishly melds glitch, ambient and IDM elements while maintaining the surreal excitement of the inspiring track.

Bringing a warped, lighthearted and tripped-out tone to the shadowy trance playground of “Walking Between,” Supersillyus and his barrage of special psychedelic effects will transport the listener across the landscapes of emotion, thought, dreams and sensation. Fans of Shpongle will especially savor this track’s tempo-twisting, scene-shifting, hallucinogenic sounds for the entirety of the thirteen-minute journey it offers.

Filling a downbeat role, Australian bass producer Bumble inverts the tribal house track “The Elephant’s March” into a symbiotic soundscape of flowing jungle textures and dreamy digital noises that captures the magic of nature and life beneath the canopy. Evocative of the biological and nostalgia-drawn influences at play in the ever-expanding sphere of visionary electronica, this track speaks to our mortal demand for pause, rest and contemplation.

The Great Mystery Remixes Part 2 does not stop there, featuring additional tracks from style-defining vets and intrepid newcomers from around the globe, including Emancipator, Aligning Minds, David Starfire, Mumukshu, Halfred & Enzalla, Mystral and Master Minded. Bolstered by South American electro-folk duo Lulacruza’s avant-garde acoustic rendition of the original album’s invocation track, Desert Dwellers’ The Great Mystery Remixes Part 2 showcases the imaginative spirit of its contributors and serves as an unrestrained tribute to the realms of world music and digital sound.


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