As Above, So Below: Sounding the Planes of Tribone’s “Beneath & Beyond” EP

Tribone’s latest offering to the music world, Beneath & Beyond, draws us into an unexplored chasm of the visionary realm…. A place where glowing energy pulses beneath our feet and propels us into the cavernous darkness, where walls crawl with shapeshifting organisms that speak strange tongues and dreamy artifacts cast their shadows in the firelight.

Returning from the depths of this intangible dominion of sentient sound with a refreshing twist on modern psybass, Tribone’s cutting-edge contribution to psychic mid-tempo proves that progressive electronica needn’t flow at mind-bending speed to scratch the itch for sonic complexity and dynamic emotional space desired by today’s increasingly sophisticated listeners and dancers.

Infusing the vibratory plane of cerebral bass with the vigorous beat of trance, Beneath & Beyond takes listeners on a transfiguring journey across emotional states without ever leaving the senses thirsting for excitement. A warped vision of sound that is equally carnal as it is emotive and mental, the collection is a style-bending showcase of the accelerating potential of psychedelic electronica to reshape the spaces that have defined the art of sound for so long.

Woven throughout the release, Tribone’s signature stomp is a powerful summoning tool that can be fine-tuned to a wide range of frequencies. In each track he blends the mechanic and organic differently, sending his listeners to particular emotional and mental spaces. The same splashing stomps that drive the listener forward with anticipatory momentum in “Unconscious Matter” are recalibrated to create the heart-centered dub planes found on the title track “Beneath & Beyond.” Though difficult to implement across a range of soundscapes, Tribone expertly wields this dynamic technique to craft a unified and unquestionably distinct sound that will perpetually keep listeners on their toes.

Explore Above & Beyond in its entirety on Addictech and look for it on psybass label Shanti Planti later this month. It can be found alongside an array of fresh musings from other Shanti Planti artists as well as the label’s new compilation album, Rhythm Code II. Featuring a chunky psystep collaboration between Tribone and dark-energy purveyor Whitebear, Rhythm Code II is the perfect portal into the full breadth of Shanti Planti’s hallucinatory library.

We have a feeling this release is one of many cards Tribone is hiding up his sleeves. He recently announced his partnership with our good friends over at Street Ritual and plans to make the trip across the pond for his first ever U.S. tour in the spring of 2016. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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