Chronicles of the Landsquid – Episode 2

Chronicles of the Landsquid‘ is Lost in Sound’s monthly showcase featuring anciently inspired future music. Curated by the mystical tribe behind Pericles and Landsquid, each episode features a collection of unique psychedelic music and art from the network of connected producers, DJs, and visionaries in the southeast. With a focus on sonic ectoplasm, subsonic communication, and otherworldly adventure, CotL aspires to deliver state of the art music that transcends genres and expectations and translates into a multi-dimensional experience.

Track List:

1. PERICLES Migration


3. PERICLESGlyph Craft

4. PERICLES Davina the Dragon

5. PERICLES Crystal Serpent

6. INTRINSIC Continuum

7. LANDSQUID Snakey Two Times

8. LANDSQUID Squeeze the Crunk

9. LANDSQUID Mantras of Sir Houndsberry – Camel Rider

10. GHOST SCIENCE Cloud Walker

11. ANDY KRUNKMAN Snake Times

12. IS IS Uncle Elf – Sun Beams

13. IS IS Liquid Sun

Click HERE to download the full Episode 2 & artwork!

Reconnection‘ by PERICLES video mixed by Visuals la Liaison



Special Guest: Ghost Science – SoundCloud

Artwork by Serial Krusher —


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