The Brothership Lands in Newmarket, NH [2.2.12]

On day two of what is shaping up to be an amazing tour, the Brothership landed in Newmarket, New Hampshire at the Stone Church.  This was the first time that the three juggernauts of fresh tones combined their powers.  There was no Captain Planet but plenty of heavy drops, and nice warm bass tones resonating through the homey stone church turned venue.

Blue Boy Productions started off the night with their usual swagger.  Always striving to bring the musicality in electronic music to the next level.  Tonight was no different, playing some of their old crowd favorites such as “Wookin’ Pa Nub,” to new school joints that even featured a Busta Rhymes remix.  As the crowd began to grow, more and more feet hit the dance floor.  BBP made the music lovers shake off the cold as they steadily made the all too familiar church hotter and hotter.

lespecial then took to the stage ready to captivate another audience.  As the first note of their new track “8-bit and the Pendulum” was played, every eye and ear stood transfixed on the stage.  With drummer Rory Dolan showing yet another level to his talent by singing as they covered Primus’ To Defy the Laws of Tradition.”  Old fans, new fans, and virgin ears alike could do nothing but goose step and sing along.  As they normally do,  lespecial pushed the envelope of live music fused with electronica.  The audience was treated to the cutting edge of music design via bassist Luke Bemand’s motion sensor technology controlling the filter sweeps of his bass.  This helped to enhance the already visually stimulating production, with projections done by VJ Adrenochrome and the captivating dancing of Alycia Lykins and Alyssa Nix.


Last to grace the stage was none other than Space Jesus.  Playing original tracks that we have come to love, such as “Moonrock” and mixed into classic tracks like “Shogun” by GRiZ.  Our amBASSador from another dimension has been nothing but smiles with his new album releasing three days ago.  Playing “Snowman,” an adaptation from the famous children’s film, he let the beats rock until our gracious hosts would allow no longer.  When all was said and done, the patrons of Stone Church were left awe struck at what they had just experienced.

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Don’t forget to pick up Space Jesus’ fresh new album!

 Quantum Crunk Theory


With the first week of the Brothership Tour ending tonight (2.3.12) in Portland, ME, we behoove you to pick a date from the ones listed below.  See you in Portland tonight!!!!



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