Genesis This Saturday – Moldy & Codiac! [2.4.12]

We’ve partied like there is no tomorrow. We’ve prepared for all the carnage of the apocalypse. Instead we got a second chance. A chance to create a new world, to raise our faces to the sun, to breathe this new air, to reach out to our fellow human, animal or machine… A chance to finally embrace our differences and build a world unlike any other. We invite you to Genesis. Witness the beginning…

We welcome you to the third installment of Genesis – a unique party brought to you by Music Ecology, Kate Van Rees and VJ Adrenochrome. We have prepared a whole new batch of awesome music, deco and visuals for an ultimate party experience.

We’ve covered plant and water at our previous two events, so the time has come to first meet the inhabitants of this new world. This Saturday prepare for the first contact between two cultures previously unaware of each other – ours and theirs. Witness the birth of life!

Creative attire is encouraged.

We are very excited to announce that our musical guests for this events are:

Moldy (Heavy Pressure, ‘earwax, Embassy, Surefire)


Codiac (SUBduction,, Together Boston)


Boston-based dubstep artist Moldy is notorious for mind-bending DJ sets and productions that stay true to the “deep and exploratory drive of the early days” (Mixmag, 12/12/2011). A “veteran of American dubstep” (, 4/19/10) and “New York City dubstep pioneer” (, 3/3/10), Moldy has been “quietly leading the charge of US dubstep producers since day one” (, 5/29/10).

DJ Codiac
The one like Codiac is embedded deep in the Boston underground bass music scene. Currently he is the Director of Business Development for the Together Festival and also helps run the SUBduction Productions events and promo camp. With his legit vinyl DJ skills and eclectic selection of some proper deep and dutty tunes spanning many subgenres of dubstep and beyond, Codiac can also be heard every Monday night 9pm-12am on his weekly ‘SUBduction Boston’ Sub.FM radio show.

Machine Nightclub (Fenway)
10 PM – 2 AM, 21+, $10 – includes admission to Factory with DJs Static and Volvox

If you happen to like Genesis, please help us spread the word and share the event or invite your friends.


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