The Bounce Festival 2013 Preview


The 5th annual Bounce Festival in Twain, California brings together some of the best and brightest DJ’s and electronic musicians in the scene today. Major players include Beats Antique, Boombox, Lowriderz, Mark Farina, GRiZ, EPROM, and Nadastrom, to name a few.

The Feather River is a beautiful river in the delta of California, ready for you to laze anchored to a tree, enjoying beats and the blazing, early summer sun with sunscreen dabbed upon your nose. The 2010 United States Census reported that Twain has a population of only 82. But that will inflate to around two thousand this weekend with a full-on mini city called The Bounce.

Fresh Bakin’ has plenty of experience, bringing you the best lineup combos since sliced breaks. If the top-notch headliners don’t draw you, come to the Bounce Festival to get to know the hundreds of lesser known supporting acts coming out of the woodwork just for this.

Fresh Bakin’ out of Reno produces events all over California, with an impressive run this winter that included a packed out show at a pizza joint with The Polish Ambassador, Wick-It the Instigator, and Barisone: all three on the lineup for the Bounce. The Polish Ambassador is best known for his space funk and incredible visual accomplice Liminus. Barisone is one of a handful of Portland DJ’s who held it down in Stumptown, with a monthly party called Curve. Curve cohorts include Paranome, Mr. Wu, and PRSN – all masters of vibe setting and showing up to Bounce with us.

If you haven’t already downloaded not one but TWO music sampler packs released by the Bounce Festival, you can do so HERE!


Here’s a run down of some absolute MUST SEE acts from this years line up, sifted through and recommended by trusted ears at Lost in Sound:

Ana Sia describes her sound as ‘Ratchet Haus.’ Frite Nite resident and producer creates minimalistic soundscapes, with swatches of genre bending booty bass, woven into disguised house beats.

Auditory Canvas is going to regulate your heartbeat with glitchy vein bass – a low chill, ethereal, emotional, and transcendent daytime trip. Take a nap in a field of flowers, watch the clouds roll through. His sound is Emancipator-esque but with a bit more Middle-Eastern influence.

Delta Nove (Live Band) bring you Brazilian samba funk out of Long Beach, making sure you got that tropicalia to your mai tai. I hope they play a noontime set so that I can get a tan from the rays of sun coming out of those horns.

My Flag is On Fire is an awesome indie band, with warm swooping melodies and at times melancholic. The live vocals, guitars, accordion, piano, electric organ, cello, upright bass, and trumpet will give you a rest from the digital blast if you get overloaded.

Black Rock City Allstars are a catchy fusion of bass beats and hip-hop rhymes. This group is dusty and dehydrated and will lead you to safety during a dust storm, but hopefully we won’t encounter that at Bounce.

Break Science out of Brooklyn is in the PLM family, and you can hear it in the hip-hop. Integrated with that signature PLM flavor, he’s got some funky drum and bass variations that are unexpectedly relaxing.

Co. Fee from L.A. has the breaks. Pulling unexpected samples from the orchestral and symphonic archives, working it out gradually, looking for the conesseuirs in the crowd. He’s got that afternoon in the shade vibe. A recent Boiler Room set has an elegant and sorta spooky vibe, just chillin’. He works with reverb, showcasing what I can only describe as some hella’ different shit. So many jazz samples that I just can’t place slip into chilling funky breaks. I cannot wait to see this performance; it’s going to be like dude remixed an American In Paris and Gene Kelly is about to get down.

Coop da Loop out of Reno brings old fashioned, super dance-able boogie town, motown, swing-hop funky shit.

Cut La Whut? out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Here’s the “WHUT.” This dude comes from a state with the smallest population per square mile and the shit’s pretty hip.

David Starfire out of LA/ SF recently contributed an exclusive track to Lost In Sound‘s 5k Facebook likes compilation. This is dubstep, and this is what dubstep is moving into – not coming from. Incorporating Bhangra samples, he is super intense, stars aligned headliner material.

Dreadsquad‘s got QUALITY ragga dub/subtle dubstep ska mixes. Oh, and they’re from Poland.

Dubbel Dutch out of Brooklyn, New York released an EP titled Self Help four months ago that will ease you into a state of dub bliss. It’s not too heavy and has some really nice rests and peaks. Looking forward to hearing the range he brings to a live set.

El Papa Chango is a San Francisco favorite of the Soundpieces crew. You will taste the Argentinian flavor on the dance floor, and keep it mooooving, just how we like it. Hips will swing and shoulders will shimmy.

Fort Knox Five MORE EXCELLENT REGGAE out of D.C.

Fungineers are a group of puppeteers and MC’s that will funk up your idea of kid friendly. With hits like “Underwear on the Outside,” this group of players will bring out the silly and hopefully they won’t let us put it away.

G Jones has a unique experimental sound. Check out our exclusive interview with this Saturate Records artist.

GRiZ  from Detroit is a master of super funky, low down chillin’ booty bass. Is this funk step or dub funk? No doubt, this will be a bumping, stargazing moonlight romp in the forest. In his recent album Mad Liberation (free download) the saxophone player gets funky, jazzy, and juicy.

JPOD the Beat Chef brings jazzy grooves, funky piano chords, and buzzing baselines with his glitch hop remixes.

Get stoked because this is literally NOT EVEN A QUARTER of the lineup. Check out the full Bounce Festival Lineup Schedule and click play on the Lost in Sound preview set to get your ears warmed up for the massive sound experiment about to occur! It’s not too late to get TICKETS HERE!

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