Benji Vaughan – ‘Even Tundra’ – Video & Review

Twisted Records legend Benji Vaughan (Prometheus, Younger Brother, The Zap) – known for his work with the Godfathers of psychedelic electronica, Raja Ram and Simon Posford – finally released the album he’s always wanted to make.

Even Tundra is warm, bass-driven, high-caliber electronica, with a video for every track created by Benji to bring the songs to life. He describes making the album as “like making a folk record – just me, my sound lab, and an emotion or atmosphere I wanted to hear – not a dance floor I wanted to fill.”

The video for the first single, “Even Tundra,” (featured below) is simply astonishing. It looks like CGI, when in fact he’s using industrial magnets and metallic fluid to create otherworldly effects. Unlike most music videos, which are a third party’s take on the music, the visuals really are an extension of Benji’s vision.

The emotions he weaves through this sonic tapestry are deep, reflective, emotive, and provocative. To do the album justice, fully listen to it from start to finish. It’s a complete journey with cohesive peaks and valleys that must be traveled together for the full effect. It’s hard to distinguish which particular songs are stand out tracks, as each one of them truly shines on its own.

“Everything in Colour” takes its title and samples from the classic “LSD Girl” clip, exhibiting Benji’s psychedelic roots, while making a major departure from the psytrance niche altogether. While the psy influence is definitely there, the new territories he explores on this album are far more playful, intricate, and evolved, with different influences echoing in from all around the world.

“Pyramid” is the most cinematic track, with a soundscape worthy of a blockbuster sci-fi flick. The overall feeling of intrigue, mystery, and suspense reverberates with ethereal vocals and lazer bass. Lovers of glitch will enjoy the breaks on this track. It sounds like we are listening to thoughts bounce off the walls of the singer’s brain, from inside the brain itself. Electrical signals pulse all around as we traverse her melodic membranes.

“UrsaMajor” strikes me as the most emotional track, therefore making it my favorite. It is at once lighthearted and compelling, while softly dropping into a deep, dark palette saturated by a sense of excited, suspenseful glee. Low, yummy, root-massaging bass kicks in and relieves us of the heightened tension, liquescing into a full-on fluid release, perfect for dancing.

Even Tundra is a meticulously crafted masterpiece from a beloved master of the craft. A sweet and deep fusion of so many sonic elements we currently love, with those we have always loved – this album will be treasured and revisited again and again.

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Check out the video for the single “Even Tundra” created by Benji:

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