Artist Spotlight: Kidnap & Ransom

Hailing from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, Kidnap & Ransom (Nathan Bougourd & Jason Jordan) are approaching their first year anniversary as musicians sprouting into the dubstep realm. I first heard of this duo through a homie who is also a musician, and noticed they have been highly influenced by music outside of you’re original dubstep tune. Their controlled drops, glitches, loops, effects and music samples will leave any music lover begging for more! They have recently come out with an EP titledIllumination’. The EP has it’s up’s and down’s but definitely worth the purchase/download. I’ve enclosed a couple of tracks I personally selected to introduce these young producers (21 and 18 year olds) to those members of the public who have yet to hear of them. Keep it moving, these kids are ready for battle!

Kidnap & Ransom – Face Down

Kidnap & Ransom – Final Frontier

Kidnap & Ransom – Illumination

Skism – Back Off (Kidnap & Ransom remix)

Jamiroquai – Supersonic (Kidnap & Ransom remix)

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