Abakus is Russell Davies

The son of The Kinks founder Dave Davies, Russell has always been exposed to strong musical influences – it is through music that he interprets his environment. The various Abakus album releases are the culmination of many years’ experience on music for TV, collaborations, remixing, production & engineering for a variety of projects.

Citing Acid House, IDM, Dub and Trance as influences, the electronic music scene of the early nineties was a massive inspiration to Russell. His exploration of musical variety fuelled a personal passion for continuous progression & improvement.


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Abakus – We Share The Same Dreams

Abakus – Sliding

Abakus – Daybreak

Abakus – Angel Dust

Abakus – Understated

Abakus – Culture Is Not Your Friend

Abakus – Excession

Abakus _ Deun Deu

Abakus – The Only Life We’ve Known

Abakus – Lost In The Woods

Abakus – Crystal Vision

Abakus – Opal Fountain

Abakus – How Does It Feel To Be Real

“The Jaguar Session” is the latest release in a series of experimental concept albums hosted by Abakus. The album is presented as a concept, full story from start to finish as continuous mix – A journey.

Abakus – The Jaguar Sessions

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