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Signal Path, a duo hailing from Missoula, Montana, has been thinking outside the box of electronic music for almost a decade. They’ve always set their goals high when it comes to performances and fortunately for me, I got to experience that first hand at the Trinumeral Music & Arts Festival. They showed the small yet enthusiastic crowd it was well worth skipping RJD2 and the end of Emancipator to come and hang with these guys. Playing mainly tracks from their newest release C L A S H it did not disappoint the late night crowd looking to boogie down. A staff and videographer from the festival, Alex Knapp, even commented saying, “These guys totally rock, especially with the new release being a lot faster and more upbeat than the rest;  good shit rage to.”

The two were on point with each other and the crowd, not letting up song after song. Utilizing a laptop for sampling and production and his electric guitar, Ryan Bennet kept the sound new age and innovative while drummer Damon Metzer continuously never missed a beat, and kept the hips shaking, legs kicking and the heads bobbing. Overall, with an hour set they got a huge opportunity to showcase their new style and music, and get the Signal Path name out on the east coast a little more. However, it would have fix iphone 6 home button stopped working been nice to get a full set from them to see their full range and capabilities which I’m sure would be far from disappointing. The energy was raw and never let up though,  which made for a great showcase into a band that’s been around for awhile yet might soon see their chance into blowing up into the jam-tronica scene.

Earlier in the summer, Signal Path made their new album C L A S H available for free download from their website The response, straight from the mouths of the two has been unbelievable, in an e-mail they wrote “there’s absolutely no possible way for this album to have been this successful without your help and enthusiasm! We’ve seen the props, read the bulletins, and gotten your messages! Thanks!”

They continued to ask for further help from their fans with promotion for their new fall North American tour. From the same e-mail they write, “If you want to partner with us in getting the word out to YOUR neighborhood, please send us an email to We will get back to you with info on how you can help out, and get free guest passes to the SP show in your town.”

After venturing further into possible northeast dates, drummer Damon Metzer personally responded saying that more dates are on the horizon for spring, and for sure to keep an eye out for a stop in the growing scene that is the Northeast. For now, if you can get to a show in an area near you, I highly recommend getting your ass there. Keep yourself occupied with the FREE C L A S H DOWNLOAD and check dates below and the tour page often for updates.

Taste:   Signal Path – Boys and Girls

09.19 Symbiosis Gathering, Groveland, CA
10.03 Subterranean, Chicago IL
10.09 The Valarium, Knoxville TN
10.10 New Earth Music Hall, Athens GA
10.17 Quixote’s, Denver CO
11.06 12th + Porter, Nashville TN
11.07 Emerald Lounge, Asheville NC
11.14 Rotture, Portland OR
11.21 Winston’s Beach Club, San Diego CA
11.28 Triple Door, Seattle WA
12.05 Johnson’s Barn, Arthur ND

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