What The Festival?! 2013 Preview

By Baked Bree



As we reach a special apex of this summer, one may find themselves asking… WHAT THE FESTIVAL?!

With a new location comes the enticement of a harder, bigger, faster, stronger event. Located this year at Wolf Run Ranch in Oregon, July 26-28th. What the fun are we waiting for?!

Well, let me tell you…

Attractions like the Micro Film Festival, a unique treat where attendees can enjoy an array of independent films, every night until dawn. What better place to go when the bass in the night gets the better of you than under the stars for fine films.

SageC-A_Nomadic dazbog

The Big Art Experience is a fully enhanced art experience indeed, with various structures such as the beautiful and interactive Sphae and Fire Flowers by Michael Christian and The Ascocarp by Nick Miner, a cozy intimate meeting place for all kinds of occasions. Rob Bell’s Zomes will also be in flux, providing a great conversation hub as well as visual stimulant. Catch a moment with the Dinosaur Puppet created by Sam Johnson and King Dazbog. The Dinosaur Puppet is a 25′ tall and 60′ long, full sized, full glow, night time attraction that will be sure to stop you in your tracks. More info on the Big Art Experience here.


CrixWeb02©ClearEffectYou may be asking yourself, how can it get any better? Mind blowingly inspirational workshop space! Varying from break dance lessons with Crykit to a DIY Double Dutch jam sesh… Harness your inner clown with James Montiont and please don’t forget Booty Luv with Heather Craig. On a different note, Salon Talk: Natural Building with Kevin Rowell gets your building senses sharper and more consciously directed. What The Festival really has their bases covered by also offering Good Times Yoga with Nona Fender & The Benders; not your Grandma’s yoga, these ladies offer an electro funk twist on your everyday downward dog! This is gonna’ be good folks. How can one afford to miss such an event?! Open Mic space for all you free flow-ers, and comedic characters alike. Plenty to wander around and be taken aback by and to find yourself right in the middle of. Check out all of the workshops here.

Musically you’ll find yourself not only excited about all these beautiful talented people; Gramatik, The Polish Ambassador, Odezsa… But also by the clarity of sound brought to you by Funktion1. Be sure to catch one of a kind musicians such as Lynx, Russ Liquid, and Nico Luminous, all of which will knock your little socks right off. On a different musical chapter we have the privilege of peeping some really awesome puppets with The Fungineers, a not to miss performance if you like laughing and dancing at the same time. Random Rab will be playing a special, LIVE set in the evening, and his usual sunrise slot, a not to be missed show! On the note of live musician, Super Tall Paul will be rocking the LOL Stage every evening if you’re into some one of a kind and very impressive performances. All the musicians will surely be a fit for whichever stage they find themselves playing on. Featured will be the EFFIN Stage, of course the WTF Stage, the LOL Stage, and did I forget to mention, the POOL stage?! Yes people, What The Festival is known for their epic pool shenanigans, including a pool party curated by Decibel Festival this year!


I don’t want to give too much away, What The Festival should start to sound pretty enticing by now. If it hasn’t got you yet, maybe you will be lured through your belly with eclectic food vendors such as Athena’s Greek Food and Gyros, Get Fried Rice, Eatin’ Alive; Roaming Cart, Al Forno Ferruzza Sammitch Food Truck, AND SO MUCH MORE! But wait, lets B real for a sec… B Real Coffee that is! Who could stay up for this amazing experience of a weekend without coffee? I know some never sleep as to catch every wink of awesome.

And yes, you will be able to get way too decked out in all the finest of festie fashions and awesome new gear with Craft vendors across the board… Flowtoys, Sefirah Fierce Designs, RAGZ 2 MUFFINZ, Lost Boys Rags, Phoenix Rising, Buddahful, and Tooth Gems; just to name a few… So if you find yourself with your mind burning a hole through your head, because of so much goodness… It’s called What the Festival… Be there, or have to wait a whole year to make up for your lack of decisive action.





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