Transcendent Tunes – Veneratio(N) – Exclusive Single

Transcendent Tunes is back with Veneratio(N)the 4th installment in their “(N)” compilation series, released on “Pi Day” 3-14-17. Known for his eclectic taste and love for the abstract, label head and owner Frank “HEISS”, otherwise known as legendary IDM producer TUBE, has curated yet another impressive roster of young sound designers on the rise. The V/A roster includes: Caelis, Mynah, HEISS, Spaceship Earth and Ascentient, Zoo Logic, Orchestrobe, Jake Walker, Wattsun, Oomah, SmokeFade, Dancemyth and Tye, and Sacral Crown.

“As Above,” Mynah’s LiS exclusive single, has a hypnotic psychedelic dub style with delayed and repetitive keyboard skanks on the upbeat that provide the halftime feel dub music is known for. Stuttered and warped vocals weave melodically with equally as glitched sitars, creating a worldly essence. Mid range growls and squelches tear through the sonic spectrum progressing the song forward into ambiguity.

“Neuroperator” is a techy, cerebral, in your face banger from Caelis that highlights his deep understanding of sound design. HEISS’ collab track with Mynah, “Tessalata,” is a crawling 110 BPM breakbeat accompanied by well-crafted squelching basslines, spaghetti western-style piano and string melodies. A key change around the four minute mark with a four on the floor kick pattern transition lays the path for a triumphant outro.

As one of the few independent electronic labels in the Northeast, Transcendent Tunes and labels like it serve as an incredibly valuable platform for new artists to gain exposure and connect with like minds. Frank’s deep understanding of music theory, combined with his first-hand experience of the triumphs and pitfalls of the music industry, allows him to continually curate releases that both support and inspire the artists and their fans. This Veneratio(N) compilation is a zealous statement from genre agnostic Transcendent Tunes. If you haven’t explored any of their previous releases, don’t add this one to your list of future regrets.


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