Sixis – ‘The Last Question EP’ Review & Exclusive Single

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Sixis is back with another squeaky clean release of which we have been given the honor to preview a single for, this one forthcoming on Shanti Planti. “Fusion” comes in hard at 86 BPM with heavy, tribal half-time percussive sounds, layering over glitched and racing high hats. Like a freak monster encaged by a mad doctor, the arpeggiators spew forth melodic, fractal-like algorithms that keep your mind in a constant state of novel awe. The occasional operatic harmonies balance the mechanical and rhythmic nature of the composition with a humanizing essence.  Each sound is masterfully synthesized and mixed into place with the precision of an obsessive audiophile.

Every track off the album slightly differs in style from the next, while maintaining the top-notch sound quality for which Sixis is known. For fans of Soulacybin, Mr. Bill and Tipper, Sixis provides that hyper-technical style while maintaining a chilled out, head nodders vibe. With each release Sixis has proven that his skills as an electronic composer are constantly advancing, while he explores both new and familiar realms in his own manner.

The Last Question EP is the culmination of this dedication and proves without a doubt that Sixis is prepared for his upcoming support tour with legendary A/V project Zebbler Encanti Experience (ZEE).  The full release is out now on Shanti Planti Music, stream and download below.

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