Touch: A Decadent Paradise

I was too hungover to properly do Santacon (thousands of drunk people wandering the streets dressed as Santa)  this year, but I did make it to the Kostume Kult after party at Touch.  Kostume Kult ( is a NYC-based Burning Man group who’s mission is to encourage and enable creative costumry for anyone interested.  Their camp gives away tons of costumes on “the playa” (a term for the place where Burning Man is held) and they throw theme parties throughout the year.  Kostume Kult rocks!  They booked the club Touch for Santacon evening festivities- what a good call.  I’d never been there before and am skeptical of nightclubs in general, since I prefer underground loft/warehouse parties.  I like how they had the drink prices listed on paper at the bar- as the drinker of copious amounts of alcohol, I like knowing how to navigate my wallet for the evening.  I don’t know if the prices were a special deal for the event, but bottles of water were $6 if I remember correctly- the same price of beer.  I got a glass of wine (actually, five) for $7 or $8.  And…….it was fucking delicious.  It was a cabernet sauvignon that tasted like chocolate.

Touch is beautifully designed. There are three floors-the first is the dance floor, with orange glowing walls and the black silhouettes of a forest. I’ve never seen anything like it-extraordinary. Along the perimeter are lots of really comfortable couches and tables. The second floor is a balcony overlooking the dance floor-the DJ booth is here along with more plush couches and a little room for dancing. The third floor is sort of a secret and hard to get to. It is small, has a bar and muted lighting with comfortable couches for intimate conversation.

I don’t know the first DJ’s name which is fine cause he was not up my alley, but the second was Boris….awesome. One of the house songs he played had the lyrics “I drink too much” over and over.  Most of us can relate.  Yeah, Boris is a good DJ.  Between the wine, the walls, the couches, the music- I was in a decadent paradise.  My only complaint would be that they were over-staffed; staff was everywhere and the bouncers were too watchful.  It didn’t matter for me but keep that in mind for yourself.  I am definitely going to check out the Disco Biscuits After Parties– I’ll be the fanny pack chick- too lazy to stand, dancing in her seat on the couch, drowning herself in chocolate wine.

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