TreeMeista – US Dubstep Mini-Mix

Treemeista – US Dubstep March Mini-Mix

A good friend to LiS’ very own DyaphonoyzeTreemeista [aka Andrew Hygate the King of the Trees], has launched an effective and hard hitting mix on the 1s and 3s, bringing back the feel of dubstep I was hearing about 2 years ago. The Humboldt Bass Crew co-founder and networking master has produced an effective blend of half-step head nodding rhythm along with extended synthesized bass manipulated rhythmically with filter cut-offs or heavy distortions, or better known as the “wobble”.

This mix is the perfect length. Many of these Dubstep mixes to date tend to drag on and tend to make my brain discomwobble [too much] near or around the 28-42 minute mark – depending on how diverse and good the mix is. This particular mix doesn’t show much diversity, however its tracklist (filled with big names, remixes, and VIPS) and length play to its advantage. Compiled for US Dubstep, this is a mix well-worth the download and 50mb of storage as it’s a great and enjoyable way to get your party started. Be sure to peep the Tracklist Below.

1. D-Jahsta – Transmorph (Biometrix Shapeshifter Remix) – Betamorph
2. Liquid Stranger – Meltdown – dubplate
3. Kirkus, Sluggo – Power Glove (Torqux Remix) – Ultragore
4. Wonkap – Bananasplit VIP – dubplate
5. Downlink – Factory – Rottun
6. Antiserum – Budspot feat. Ollie Bassweight – Rottun
7. Hulk – Robots Yo! – Ultragore
8. Vaski – Game Face – Rottun
9. Bare – Rocks (Mark Instinct Remix) – Ultragore
10. Kirkus, Lank, Sluggo – We Kill Everything (Liquid Stranger Remix) – Ultragore
11. Foreign Beggars feat. Noisia – Contact (Trolley Snatcha Remix) – dubplate
12. Gemini – And You – Inspected

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