The Brain Trust Presents: Phutureprimitive ft. Space Jesus & Soulacybin [Boston 11.15 + NYC 11.16]

In today’s grossly overpopulated slew of DJ’s and producers, theres only a handful of artists whom I truly value and appreciate – Phutureprimitive is atop the list. Throw comparisons and genres out the window. Rain phutureprimitve sounds like no other producer and transcends genres, creating his own sound of tribal bass sex magic. His first album Sub Conscious (2004) had a predominately psychedelic feel, combined with the soothing vocals of Alyssa Palmer. Rain has come a long way since then, evolving as a person and a producer into a renowned artist performing at some of the biggest festivals and touring with the likes of Simon Poshford (Shpongle). His latest release, Kinetic, is easily among the most influential albums I’ve come across in recent years.  Ranchsauce put it best when he said “On Kinetik, Rain explores a heavier, bass-centric sound that adds raw energy to the meticulously detailed tracks this trusted producer is known for.” Phutureprimitive is an act that is NOT to be missed, and lucky enough for you, he will be partying with us in Boston and New York this weekend!

If the sounds of Phutureprimitive aren’t enough, our friends at The Brain Trust have done an splendid job when it comes to the supporting cast. Philly based Space Jesus has exploded on the scene over the past year or so.  His crunk-bass hip-hop flow ignites pyschadelic journeys to the depths of space. Whether your in Boston or Brooklyn, do yourself a favor and get a dose of future bass. Space Jesus will be preceded by Colorado native Soulacybin. Musician/Producer/Artist John LaBoone harmoniously melds his passion for traditional Jamaican Dub and ambient electronic soundscapes into heart-felt music that is meticulously crafted with care and love. The Brain Trust has done it again, providing Boston and NYC with premier underground EDM talent. Alone, these three artists can really blow the top off a party. Having them on the same bill is like the perfect chemical reaction of your favorite rage ingredients – put those goggles on! Whether you’re craving some tribal psychedelic bass, future bass, Jamaican Dub, or your just tryin’ to get down with your friends – this is the place to be!


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