Who is Lee Mayjahs?

Lee Mayjahs? is not merely a DJ, but an artist who creates an environment through both sound and dynamic imagery. Those who have witnessed a Lee Mayjahs? set will attest that it’s nearly a spiritual experience. I first heard about Lee as the organizer/DJ of the Philadelphia Experiment, which is a burgeoning regional Burning Man event. A bit more exposure came when Disorient (a popular NYC area Burning Man theme camp) threw a massive New Years Eve 2010 warehouse party and subsequent after party, starting at 6AM on New Years Day with Lee Mayjahs? as the headliner. It felt religious as sonic landscapes seemed to burst through the walls of their industrial enclosure, painting an auditory canvas that was alien yet comforting in nature. It’s hard to describe the feeling and define this genre, but the exhilarated looks and pleasureful smiles said enough. I played some of his stuff at the recent Desiderata Festival during my set in the LostinSound Dome, and faces contorted with bliss as organic brass horns tore through skulls, held down and supported by the warmth of familiar four-on-the-floor baselines from house music.

“I love to move people through sound. The music I play grabs you down deep and penetrates the soul while tickling the cerebral recesses of your psyche. I aspire to create an energy and vibe that elevates the mind and spirit” – Lee Mayjahs?

His beats are sure to enthrall the gyrating mass that is the Bisco dance tent, and the Silent Disco alongside his PEX brethren Justin Paul and DJ Everyday. While few may walk in knowing this artist whose name is pronounced like a question, many will walk out with a new and captivating experience. Welcome to the diverse, hypnotic side of house music. Taste below a mix that can only be described as “Drunken Balkan Sailor Rhythms” and make sure you catch this world-touring underground DJ who’s become a staple on the playa.

Lee Mayjahs? – Drunken Balkan Sailors

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