Shwex – Falling Into Place Mix

Shwex has brought us a great mix of rare downtempo tracks that dreamily diverges into many moods and genres. Tracks from Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, Akasha, Quanta, Mr. Squatch and more mix with originals and remixes to bring a fresh hour of music to your palette. Liquid and tribal, the set purrs, gallops, and dives like an animal. It gathers momentum and builds in an inspiring way, inviting dance and conjuring epic imagery. Perfect for night driving and preparing for ceremony, the music awakens the senses, gently rousing us for the night. Stream / download here:


1 Peak Records~ Utopia
2 Shwex~ Forever Shining Soul
3 AkAshA~ Blowpipe AkAshA
4 Tha Fruitbat~Rawkbellz (Shwex Remix)
5 Alice Spacedoll~ Evolve (Mr. Squatch Remix) Mr Squatch
6 Desert Dwellers~ Bodhi Mandala (Drumspyder remix) Drumspyder
7 Kalya Scintilla~ Break Belief Bounce (Whitebear Remix) Whitebear
8 Vostek~ Indidgenous Roots Vostek
9 Symbolico~ Quantum Praying Symbolico
10 Cloudcycle – Stratus.alto mauxuam
11 Shwex~ As the River Flows
12 Sun in Aquarius~ The Deep Blue Sun In Aquarius
13 Shwex~ Springtime on the Grid
14 Selwa~ Organic Components Selwa
15 Mindex~ New Life Form (Original Mix) MINDEX
16Quanta~ Twisted Strains QUANTA
17 Shwex~ Observance

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