“Dreaming of Festivals”

I’m dreaming of festivals where instead of people saying, “That festival was so awesome, I got so wasted!”, they say “That festival was so awesome, we built all those amazing things.”

I’m dreaming of festivals that are smaller 300 – 500 person gatherings where energy is focused and directed. By the end of the festival, you might actually have said hello to every single participant.

I’m dreaming of festivals with one stage, with a sharply curated (not excessive) lineup. Music is secondary and impact is primary. Festivals that are permaculture design courses, orchard planting, build parties, cleanup parties, with a few key musical performances to help fuel creation and celebration.

I’m dreaming of festivals where all participants form a giant line spanning the length of the grounds to clean up the entire grounds with a single sweep on the final day of the event.

I’m dreaming of festivals that minimize vending and instead create a “gift mall” to encourage people to offer their non-tangible gifts whatever they may be.

I’m dreaming of festivals that end amplified sound at midnight or earlier to allow for proper rest, ensuring peeps are charged up for a sunrise swim at the river.

I’m dreaming of festival grounds that are owned and operated by people that are 100% committed to reverence for Mother Earth. True stewardship of land hinged together by a community that lives on the grounds year round.

I imagine this resonates with many of you, maybe some of it does and other pieces do not. I’m totally okay with that.

I suppose I’m of the mindset, that we need to share our dreams whatever they may be, even if it feels a bit vulnerable to find out who our true tribe is.

It’s through the tribe that dreams are actualized with the quickness. I want to see some epic change in this lifetime.

Are you part of this tribe?

The Polish Ambassador


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