Pericles: Live At Asheville Full Moon July 31st – Exclusive Mix

Recorded on the Blue Moon of July 31st 2015 deep within the Appalachian rain forests surrounding Asheville NC, this specially crafted 91 minute set features all original production from the worlds of PERICLES and CHRONICLES OF THE LANDSQUID – the two main imaginary worlds conjured up by the ‘Ascended Jester’ known as Ella Pericles.
One of the southeast’s longest standing electronic music gatherings, Asheville Full Moon has been communing in the Blue Ridge Mountains for over ten years, featuring a family- friendly alcohol- free environment set with the following intention: “each full moon we gather from dusk until dawn to celebrate the cyclical, cosmic interplay of life through music, dancing, and ritual.”

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PERICLES live at Asheville Full Moon July 31st 2015


0) Presenting the Oracle

1) LANDSQUID- The Ancient Dragon (Abstract Logic Recordings 2010)

2) PERICLES- Trunk Swing (unreleased 2009)

3) LANDSQUID- The Court Jester (Abstract Logic Recordings 2010)

4) PERICLES- A Stegosaurus (unreleased 2011)

5) LANDSQUID- SquidStep (unreleased 2011)

6) PERICLES- A Parade of Ancient Camels (unreleased 2011)

7) PERICLES- Dune Cruiser (Street Ritual 2013)

8) PERICLES- Glyph Rider (Street Ritual 2013)

9) PERICLES- Star Ship (Street Ritual 2013)

10) PERICLES- SnakeWise (Street Ritual 2013)

11) PERICLES- Loki the Shapeshifter (unreleased 2015)

12) PERICLES- Iguana Communication (unreleased 2012)

13) PERICLES- Ca Manik (Waveform Modulations 2010)

14) PERICLES- Two Waterfalls (unreleased 2014)

15) PERICLES- Myth of the Pharaoh (unreleased 2015)

16) PERICLES- Tribal Imperative (unreleased 2015)

17) PERICLES- Canyon Cruiser (unreleased 2015)

18) Myon- Albion- PERICLES Tribal Stomp RMX (unreleased 2014)

19) PERICLES- Star Key (unreleased 2015)

20) PERICLES- Psychic Twins (unreleased 2015)

21) PERICLES- Ancient Tunnels (LiS Spring VA 2015)

22) LANDSQUID- The Mantras of Sir Houndsberry (unreleased 2010)

23) PERICLES- Golden Helmet (Waveform Modulations 2011)

24) DEEP FOREST- White Whisper- PERICLES rmx (unreleased 2012)

25) PERICLES- Lunar Pull (unreleased 2009)

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