NuMundo ‘Future Visions’ Compilation Album ( Exclusive Sneak Peak)

Visit NuMundo’s Indiegogo page and contribute to the vision:

Future Visions is an album intended to inspire visions of a different world. The artists featured in Future Visions have been selected for their values and their desire to use music as a tool for transformation. They come from North America, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia. The tracks selected weave sounds of our ancestral heritage with a calling for a more beautiful tomorrow. Future Visions is a benefit album for NuMundo, an organization whose mission is to connect you to transformational experiences and give you the tools to make a positive impact.

One of NuMundo’s Indiegogo campaign rewards is the amazing Future Visions compilation, which all artists have donated songs to in order to show their support for the project. You can support the campaign and the evolution of transformational culture by purchasing Future Visions. We at Lost in Sound are lucky enough to be able to offer the reader a sneak peak at the album, with the three tracks below!

It is encouraging to see that people in the western world are ‘rediscovering’ traditional ways of thinking and living, integrating these with modern technology, and creating sustainable communities all over the world. – IEMANJO (Ben Harris)

I met Ignacio briefly In 2008.  I was in Antigua, Guatemala and listening to a band playing in the dim lot corner of my favorite restaurant in the city.  I then discovered that the man singing was none other than an original member of cuba’s Buena Vista Social Club.  I thanked him for the beautiful music and went on my way. 5 years later, I returned to Guatemala to perform at Cosmic Convergence festival.  My journey had since unfolded in many ways, including my new project “The Human Experience”.  It happened that Ignacio was playing at the same festival and I decided to see if he was open to collaborating.  I was delighted to hear that he was very open to working together. Now 71 years old, half an amputated leg, and meeting with me after almost going into a diabetic coma, Ignacio still plays music at least 3 days a week at restaurants (with a beaming smile and unmistakable presence). Our intention was to create music that crossed cultural barriers;  A 27 year old white American and a 71 year old Cuban finding standing on the common soil of art and music.  The message:  We are not so different from each other. – David Block (The Human Experience)

Visit NuMundo’s Indiegogo page and contribute to the vision:


If you’ve had an experience at a festival that gave you a glimpse of a utopian culture that we know is possible when humans collaborate for a higher purpose, then this is a tool for you. NuMundo is part of the phenomenon of the evolution of transformational festival culture into permanent transformational community spaces and autonomous zones. NuMundo aims to deepen a transitory experience into a true lifestyle.

NuMundo’s origins lie in Project Nuevo Mundo, a collective of international event producers who played a significant role in the founding of Cosmic Convergence Festival in Guatemala and Tribal Alliance Retreat in Costa Rica, two of the first events to blend transformational festival culture with permaculture and indigenous traditions. Notable artists present for the first Tribal Alliance Retreat in 2014 were The Polish Ambassador, who carried out the Permaculture Action Tour later that year, Kalya Scintilla and Desert Dwellers, who just completed their “Earth Heart” tour last week. 


NuMundo Team

NuMundo Team

The inspiration from this project originated in visions that came to me during transformational festivals such as Burning Man and Symbiosis Gathering. The only way that I have channeled these visions into reality is with the support of so many within the festival community and other communities around the world, both real and virtual. NuMundo is and has always been a community effort, and the portal is open for you to support the emergence of a new culture by joining us as an ambassador, by connecting to new communities, by writing a blog story, or by simply following your path of transformation and discovering your potential as a human being. – David Casey (NuMundo Co-Founder/Network Architect) 

NuMundo has just officially launched last week, and is reaching out to their community for grassroots support on Indiegogo in order to continue to develop their community offering, while staying financially independent. Rewards for smaller contributions include signed art prints, Reinhabiting the Village e-book, professional consultation and a discounted 1-year individual membership to the NuMundo platform; larger contributions can receive rewards such as admission to “Nature Connection” or “Tantric Way” retreats, a Development Apprenticeship, a Permaculture Design Course, Nicaraguan island or Costa Rica jungle living quarters, or a discounted organizational membership to the NuMundo platform.


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“The Fifth Sacred Thing” by Jessica Perlstein

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