Music Ecology – April 12th Review & April 19th Preview

Tuesday night at the Wonder Bar brought us another dose of Music Ecology, one of Boston’s best electronic music showcases. What began with a rainy day wound up burning up the night, with this week bringing us Archie Pelago from Brooklyn, NY, Buck UK originally from Manchester, UK, now living in CT, and eyelove, currently living in NY.

Buck UK began the night with his surreal, ambient hyperdub, reminiscent of Burial, with sexy vocal samples that infused the night with a desire for more. He moved to the states in 2008, proclaiming- as many famous musicians from that city do- that “Manchester is a shithole.” Inspired by artists like Burial and following lots of two-step radio programs in England, Buck UK is producing stateside and should be a source of many inspired future garage tracks to come.

Next up was Archie Pelago, a 3 man group with a DJ, sax, and cello, which has made up a uniquely strange style. It ranges from orchestral, trancey, melodic Kenji Williams-like cello solos over watery instrumental reverb, to accelerated, housey, heavy metal soloing by the cellist with jazzy sax, giving gypsy Middle Eastern riddems to the glowing parade of hula-hoopers on the dancefloor. A collaboration of Cosmo D (cello/Ableton wizard), Kroba (sax/fx) and Hirshi (DJ/trumpet), I’d say they are beyond a label of EDM. You should check these guys out and see how labels seem unnecessary for Archie Pelago, who will continue to push the boundaries of music in the live electronic scene.

eyelove closed the night, supreme energy for his art coming through his whole set. Bassy headnodic beats permeated Wonder Bar, and even though technical difficulty haunted this artist’s set that filled the dancefloor with LED hoops and glitched-out hoots, I was surely feeling the vibe. Heavy bass dips morphing into electro-glitch-crunk quickly transitioned into a 2-step with an ill donk on it.. videogame arpeggio waves sailing over steadily slowing beats gave way to heavy guitar riffs over glitched-out vocal reverb. When asked about the inspiration for the name, Eric Larin said he asked himself what he loved and the answer was “ I love everything” so with a slight change, the name eyelove was born, and I highly recommend following him as he continues to produce lush new electronic material in the future.

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*Buck UK
(DL the Matters EP for FREE!)
(Peep the new BKP mix!)

Car Crash Set/ Slime Recordings/ BKP/ RWD.FM

Lifted EP Forthcoming on Car Crash Set:

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EP Forthcoming on Slime Recordings

Catch him every Friday on RWD.FM 4-6pm EST, 9-11pm GST

*Archie Pelago

With their debut Chocolate Waveplates EP forthcoming on Bristol’s Slime Recordings in June and a new monthly party in Brooklyn:


eyelove has performed in many spots around the globe including locations as far away as Club Nebe in Prague. He recently opened at Rebel Rock Club in New York City for the 1320 Records artist Emancipator, along with DJ Higher Nebulae.

And Come through TONIGHT – Music Ecology Presents a very special Together Festival Showcase with 2 floors of future electronic dance music!

We thank the masterminds behind Together for all of their hard work in making this festival a reality.

$5, 21+, 10 PM

Come early for some delicious edible concoctions courtesy of Deven Smith. They are usually gone very fast.

Upstairs line-up:
10 PM Making the Noise (IDM, Dubstep)
11 PM Supersillyus (Psychodub)
12 AM Blue Boy Productions (Live EDM)
1 AM Profresher (Glitchhop)

More info at:

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