Artist Spotlight: The Zebbler Encanti Experience (Z.E.E.)

The Zebbler Encanti Experience from Boston, MA represents the new age of mind expanding audio-visual artists. The psychedelic standard has been set and as its evolution continues into the next dimension of electronic music, Z.E.E. deserves a seat at the foreground of the revolution of audio-visual enlightenment.

Individually, V.J. Zebbler and music producer and performer Encanti have perfected their art forms. To bring these creative juggernauts together must present the challenges needed to stimulate their artistic G-spots. Unh. They have an impressive resume of performances, including New Years Eve 2010 at CoSM (world renowned artist Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors), the May 2010 opening for Shpongle in Boston (check for video) and their recent massive performance at a sold out rave at Club Therapy in Providence. Z.E.E. has carved a unique niche in the scene, with one recent showgoer describing them as “the most visually and audibly appealing act in Boston.”

Zebbler Encanti Experience (ZEE) at Anime Boston 2009 from Zebbler on Vimeo.

Neurokinetics by Encanti

Z.E.E. has the conceptual capability to generate emotional responses within the viewers’ experience, and thus a bombarding multimedia led catharsis may occur. The visual evolution continues with Zebbler’s work with Shpongle in 2011, creating the “Shpongletron,” a 3D pyramid shaped DJ booth, not related to Tron but the name of the custom A/V software Zebbler uses. Encanti continues to break boundaries musically as a Vermin Street Records recording artist, with his track “Techfire” on giving a proper shout-out to the Bean on 1:08 (“I represent Boston”), and represented as one of New England’s’ best A/V artists in the 21st century version of Hansel and Gretel Re:Imagined- a modern theatre adaptation that occurred at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Encanti continues to produce many styles of bass heavy soundscapes within multi-layered dimensional audio assaults.

Z.E.E. is one of the acts elevating the psychedelic spiritual renaissance within the electronic music scene. Mutating the usual comes with ease to an experienced team of sound and video designers that need to be kept an eye on; otherwise aliens might abduct them for a cosmic milky way party. For more info on the Zebbler Encanti Experience go to:

Zebbler Encanti Experience promo mix from Zebbler on Vimeo.

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