Music Ecology in October

EVERY TUESDAY at Wonderbar in Allston, MA, 21+, $5, 10p-2a, Music Ecology brings you the cutting edge in electronic music. Don’t miss out, this month is stacked with quality artists old and new alike, we hope to see you there!


Oct. 4th – Heyoka & Futexture


Over the last five years, Andrei Olenev AKA Heyoka, has been bringing a unique twist on glitch hop and psychedelic bass music, emerging as a staple producer and performer throughout the west coast electronic music scene and burning man community, as well as branching into the international glitch hop and bass music movements.  Heyoka has brought his signature sound to festivals such as: Symbiosis, Sonic Bloom,  Raindance, Lightning in a bottle, Big Bounce, Alchemeyez, and large sound camps of Burning Man such as Nexus, El circo, Temple of Boom,  Entheon Village, Roots Society and Fractal Nation.  He has also brought his music to several International Festivals such as Shambhala (Canada),  Boom (Portugal), Erthfreq and Winter solstice (Australia), and Luminate (New Zealand).  Heyoka has a hectic touring schedule throughout North America, regularly visiting clubs, warehouses and festivals of various underground music scenes.

Heyoka’s sound blends elements of many musical styles into something that is mind bending and indefinable. While listening to his music, you are taken on a journey through fractal soundscapes and alien dimensions, while riding a wave of fat glitch beats and sub bass.  In his live sets, Heyoka chops up and remixes his own original music, always keeping it fresh and hot on the dancefloor.  Heyoka’s sound evolves album to album, frequently being reinvented while maintaining a unique flavor that is unmistakably “Heyoka”.  He releases his music mainly on San Francisco’s Muti Music, a leader in the glitch hop and bass music scene.

The response to his emergence so far has been overwhelming as Heyoka manages to stand out amongst bass music producers with an almost cult like following due to his unique take on all things ‘Glitch’ and ‘Bass’ centric.



Futexture is the exploration of (trans)personal experience through sound. For David Krantz, former producer of Agobi Project and 22 year old musician based out of Asheville, NC it is the logical evolution of a lifelong musical obsession.

Combining the rhythmic appeal of dubstep and hip hop with melodic dreamscapes and creative sound design, Futexture skillfully weaves a futuristic blend of glitchy bass-heavy IDM and jazzy techstep into a forward thinking sound that defies classification. This unique sonic synthesis is equally suited for both headphones and the dancefloor, and many have described it as a breath of fresh air in electronic music today.

A new project as of late 2010, Futexture has been well received in a variety of musical circles. In the first six months of 2011 he has shared the stage with Tipper, Bassnectar, Kilowatts, Nasty Nasty, Bonobo, Ana Sia, Big Gigantic, Heyoka, Falty DL, Bird of Prey, Mimosa, Mindelixir, and Mount Kimbie, and Vibesquad.



Oct. 11th – Science Factory & Lenore

Science Factory

Science Factory is an idea three different people had, and began to develop soon after meeting. In fact, even after they met, the idea just kept floating around for awhile. Ideas are like that: floaty.

Daniel Brady (Mixmaster Doc), Bernie Kenerson (Bernzilla) & Sam Favata (MC Troublepants) might seem an unlikely trio if you met them outside of a musical context. Brady(26) and Favata(29) met working at a music store & began swapping ideas on music, culture and the future.

Favata met Kenerson at a local Jazz club jam-session, and became fast friends. Kenerson, who was already a veteran musician when Sam & Dan were just kids, brought a wealth of ideas to the group. An undisputed virtuoso of the Electric Wind Instrument (EWI), Bernie had been playing & recording modern jazz-fusion, searching for new ways to express himself on this unique instrument.

Dan Brady realized the potential of a person who had mastered the EWI. Not only could he play dazzling solos with an infinite array of sounds, he could also use the instrument for sampling, filtering, modulation & more.

After a few years of tinkering, jamming & head-scratching, the lads got serious. Weekly jam-sessions turned into heavy composition sessions, and a multitude of shows soon followed.

Science Factory has now become an idea-in-motion. Need a dancefloor anthem? Got you. Grimy Dub-Step Hip-Hop? Sure. Downtempo Electro Ballad? Of course.

Science Factory moves seamlessly between genres, but never loses the audience. Their shows are designed for both the “Heads” as well as the casual listener



The queen bee of DnB and one of the masterminds behind Elements – one of the longest running DnB nights in the country.


Oct. 18th – Jeff Bujak & Eelko

Jeff Bujak

Jeff Bujak is a Northampton, MA based keyboardist/producer/composer who has designed a new style of intelligent dance music (IDM) that dives deep into the waters of complex electronica and he’s carving a fresh path in the live-music scene one performance at a time. Though, if you ask a Jeff Bujak fan to describe his music, a blank face followed by a smile would prove to be a common trial answer, then usually words like ‘dirty’ and ‘epic’ start pouring out. His music falls into a large pool of electronica dance genres, lands on one and leaps to the next while he wails away on his keyboards to create something truly moving, smart and original.



Eelko, born Christopher Carchedi, is a live performing artist hailing from Boston, who, with his music, blurs the lines between hip hop, funk, trance, dubstep, and a plethora of many other influences. Drawing inspiration from a love of avante garde jazz and free form ‘jam’ music, Eelko’s live performances are always kept fresh and interesting.


Oct. 25th – D.V.S* & Creative Common


Brooklyn based producer D.V.S* (aka Derek VanScoten) creates that elevated feeling in the listener’s chest with his guitar-soaked experimental dance beats.

He currently has music released on Daly City Records, Soulection, 1320 Records, Electronic Musician Magazine, and his own label, Octave Memory Tapes.

Over the last 2 years, D.V.S* has spent considerable time on the road with electronic acts as varied as Random Rab, Bluetech, Tipper, FreQnasty, Big Gigantic, Lotus, MartyParty, emancipator, Ana Sia, Beats Antique, and EOTO.

No stranger to the live band scene, he has also performed as a respected multi-instrumentalist with acts as diverse as DJ Logic, Devotchka, The Motet, and the Boulder Philharmonic.

While his current beatsmithing pushes the envelope of futuristic rhythms and timbres, D.V.S* hasn’t always experienced music via a laptop, synths and midi controllers. Influences include 19th century romantic music, motown, swing, salsa, bossa nova, afrobeat, traditional folk music from multiple cultures, hip hop, and of course, rock n’ roll.


Creative Common

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