Lightning in a Bottle 2013 Preview


The dates may have changed and the campgrounds may have moved, but Lightning in a Bottle returns this summer for another weekend of magic. At its new location on Lake Skinner in Temecula, CA, the weekend of July 11-15th will be “A Celebration of Art, Sustainability, Music, Performance, and Life itself.” After listening to endless stories from friends about their experiences at LiB, I am ecstatic and unbelievably blessed to finally have the opportunity to go myself! (Last year I seriously considered skipping my college graduation in Boston, but that idea did not fly with my father!)

Lighting in a Bottle 2012. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda)

Lighting in a Bottle is considered to be “The Greenest Festival in America.”  The Do LaB works to ensure high environmental standards in all areas of production. Their efforts can be seen by some of the festival’s features, such as their free filtered water stations, interactive and educational areas like “The Learning Kitchen” and “Oasis Spa,” yoga temple, art galleries, and an entire kid’s village. Lightning in a Bottle and The Do LaB have become leaders of the “Greener Festival Movement.” LiB is the only US festival to win the Outstanding Award from A Greener Festival 3 years in a row! Play your part and together we can make it 4!



Lighting in a Bottle 2012. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda)With a diverse musical lineup from 23-year-old Nicolas Jaar to quintet Papadosio, it seems The Do LaB has created the perfect festival. Instead of choosing just a few artists and activities to highlight, I am providing you with a list of “LadyBinx’s Favorites.” Of course they’re personal, and like I said, there’s something there for everyone, so follow my guidelines… Or don’t, make your own! Click on the artists’ name for a link to their SoundCloud and check them out for yourself. I must admit, I am a bit of a disco queen, so if you’re anything like me consider Lightning in a Bottle disco heaven! “Choose your adventure.” The options are endless!

Top Disco Groovin’ Artists:
Nicolas Jaar

Top Feel Good/Happy Deep House Picks:
Dirtybird’s Christian Martin and Worthy
Tim Green

Must-See Live Bands:
Kastle Live
Herbert Bail Orchestra

Top Artists to Rage with your Crew (and USE YOUR HEAD!):
Purity Ring
The Polish Ambassador

Ambient ‘Lost in Sound’ Desert Dance:
Random Rab
Kalya Scintilla
Desert Dwellers

Even with all the incredible musicians performing, you’ll need to make time for everything else going on too! Here are some of the lectures and workshops I plan on attending…
Lighting in a Bottle 2012. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda)

Alex and Allyson Grey – Entheogeneration: The History of Visionary Culture
Jamie Janover: Unified Field Theory
Alokananda Star Bear: Sacred Sexuality, Kundalini & Ascension – An Esoteric Exploration

Movement, Food, & Thriving
Ritual Movement Arts: Belly Dance
Afro Booty Primal Fitness
Lightning in a Blender: Raw Food & Juicing Demo
Vibrational Healing: with Flower Essences and Gem Elixers
Didgeridoo Evolution

Lighting in a Bottle 2012. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda)
The amount of magic on Lake Skinner will be unmeasurable, and I cannot wait to feel it rush into my body the minute I arrive. Don’t forget, Lightning in a Bottle is a MOOP-free festival! Whatever you bring onto the grounds, you are responsible for taking with you. LiB has FREE filtered water! Yes, it’s free, so make sure to take your water bottle! If you didn’t already buy your car pass, look into taking a Lightning Bus. They leave from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and San Francisco. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and alleviate the stresses of driving.

Go to their official website here for all and any other information you’ll need.

Haven’t bought your tickets yet?! Get them here!

I hope you’re all ready, this is gonna be a big one! Keep your eye out for our USE YOUR HEAD pins – we’ll see you there!!


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