Equilibrio Future/Clear – A New Festival Paradigm

Imagine an intimate gathering in the most serene beach that you could ever imagine. A beautiful place of reflection where everyone is expanding themselves in any way that they could possibly improve. It is up to you to decide that in which you want to become. Always remember that the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried…


There are all types of different workshops that cover all walks of life. There is the chance to learn how to walk on a slackline, depending on how determined you are to fall and then get back up and keep doing it until you have mastered the art. There were multiple different acro-yoga workshops to play at where different sequences and techniques were being displayed. There was loads of things to choose to dabble in from reflexolgy, twerking, earthworks, pizza making, soap making, creative writing, and so many workshops being offered that you almost couldn’t choose which one to attend at times. The free drink pool party, the naked Grateful Dead pool party, and the Samsquatch 4 hour plus day pool set were just some of the other events that you just won’t experience anywhere else.


Equilibrio is right on the beach. A short walk in the sand is all that is between you and the other festival site, Rio Del Mar. You can sit by the water and view the sun rise over the horizon in the morning, and then also watch the sun set over the opposite horizon, while being in the same place that you were for sunrise. The breaks in the waves were some of the best that I’ve ever seen, as far as surfing conditions go. Surfboard rentals are free, if you can get past the La Tortuga Verde mascot, the one-winged Pelican. He is such a loved creature on the site, that Tom, the owner of the resort, named his beachside bar after him. There were no staff, volunteer, vendor, or paid attendee differences in the wristbands. Instead, participants were given a locally sourced, handmade bracelet that was assigned a number and a color based on which element you were: fire, earth, air, or water. This idea of separate but necessary for the whole established a sense of unity and equality at Equilibrio.


Everyone is there to enjoy the paradise that is around them and to connect and grow with one another. Creative expression is highly encouraged and there are ample opportunities throughout the weekend to let out your true inner creativity. There was a temple area that was created across the street from the resort, where people could gather to send out their prayers and to set clear intentions. There was a reiki healing space, a meditation tree, a hammock forest, and also a pyramid structure that was constructed over a pit where there was a fire to receive peoples’ offerings and prayers. This space was truly special and let people connect back to their roots and to their connection with this planet and this universe.


The Future Clear team that produced the event consists of a great group of individuals that brought together a conscious culture to evolve and grow, while setting clear intentions into what it is that they are looking for. They treated everyone there as equals and accepted creative input from anyone who offered it. The whole group dynamic was amazing to see and everyone got to know everyone else who was attending the event, in part due to it consisting of only 120 individuals from all over the globe. The New York party vibrations that Future Clear producers Mary, Sam, and Steffi brought with to paradise definitely was noticed throughout the event. Getting to arrive on site early to meet the whole staff and help set up the event was one of the highlights of my Equilibrio experience and of my entire trip down in El Salvador.


There were three delicious and nutritious meals a day provided by the Cosmic Cocina, which was run by Dallas who lives and site and helped put together the whole event as well. You could taste the love that was put into the food as each tasty bite was absorbed into your taste buds. Everyone’s bodies thanked them greatly for the sustenance that they were receiving. In return, the body provided energy all day to learn new skills and to further master old ones. There were ceremonies of all kind throughout the festival to connect the group together and to be reminded of our roots and our intentions. Cocoa ceremonies were offered as well which were created out of blocks of raw cocoa from a source located on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Cocoa “bliss balls” were also being offered, which provided quick and delicious boosts of energy for whomever so chose to indulge.

EQ~Rio Mar!!

Equilibrio was an event where everyone came together in an open heart space of sharing wisdom and love to jointly help each other grow and evolve as one whole. It celebrated the endless possibilities of whom each person could choose to be and what we can do if we all come together to share in our passions. True wisdom is the sharing of knowledge to better this world. We all co-create and collaborate in the creation of this world. Teamwork makes the dream work and this beautiful vision could not be accomplished without each and every one of you…

Check out this Equilibrio video for a quick look at what went down out in paradise:


Photo Credit:

Matthew Wheeler ~ http://matthewwheelerphotography.com

Lindsay Arden Cooper ~ http://travel.lindsayardencooper.com

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