Devin Kroes LIS Exclusive Mix

This week’s exclusive mix is from Oakland-based producer/instrumentalist Devin Kroes. The mix features tracks from his new release Whispers from the Trees out this week on Street Ritual, as well as some additional choice tunes from his catalog. Middle Eastern flavored rhythms merge and meld with intelligently-crafted bass production, holding our attention from start to finish.

Devin Kroes is an electronic music producer and multi instrumentalist with a desire to awaken and inspire his listeners. He seeks to sonically recreate the aesthetics of the world around him with squishy bass and sultry strings. His music seeks to create a sense of familiarity while transporting the listener into the depths of the infinite. He seeks to provide a unique live experience by utilizing live guitar and a looper, allowing him to improvise and making each set immersive and captivating for the listener. Watch out for this up and comer as he continues to push the boundaries in the roots of world music, bass, & livetronica.


Art by Omeka ( Gabriel Welch of The Welch Brothers )

Excerpt from Street Ritual Press Release:::

Whispers from the Trees
is an in-depth, emotive, and mesmerizing journey through illuminating landscapes. It’s composed of organic, experimental, and alluring bass lines which fuse in elegantly with melodic, glitchy, and intricate textural rhythms.  This elevating vision has a Middle Eastern vibe to it as exotic leads provide balance – an overall expanding fluidity which will transport the listener into higher levels of consciousness sought through pure intention.  Surrender to an intentional Universal experience to reconnect to our ancestral roots as Devin brings forth to the Now an enlightening remembrance through downtempo feels meant to trigger our higher purpose.

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