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Camp Bisco is hitting double digits this year and doing it in style, boasting their largest and most diverse lineup of artists yet. Year after year Camp has grown to be the Northeast’s premier forum for electronic dance music, bringing together the best and the up-and-coming in livetronica, dubstep, electro, house, trip-hop, and more. Camp has in many ways played a large part in the fusion of the modern festival scenes. If one thing’s for sure, there’s really not many festivals that offer this many quality performances for this low of a ticket price. Known well by its yearly inhabitants for its friendly security staff, clean bathrooms, and dry campgrounds, Camp Bisco is a raging party and a unique expression of our counterculture that should not be missed. Below are the most recent lineup and performance announcements from Camp Bisco.


Redman To Join The Break Science And RJD2 Friday Set

European Tour Schedule Conflict Removes Rusko from 2011 Lineup

Mariaville, NY (June 30, 2011) – Camp Bisco music and arts festival is excited to announce the addition of Borgore to the lineup, for the 10th Anniversary three-day music and arts festival in Mariaville, New York this July 7-9, 2011. In addition to the Israeli dubstep artist, Redman has been added to the Break Science set on Friday, July 8, which also features RJD2. Borgore will fill the slot vacated by Rusko, due to last minute changes with his European touring schedule. “Due to circumstances outside of our control, Rusko has been forced to cancel his performance at this year’s Camp Bisco.  We did everything in the festival’s power to re-arrange the schedule in an effort to make this work for the fans, but could not make it work,” explains Brett Keber, MCP Presents.

Mariaville, NY (May 31, 2011) – In addition to Camp Bisco’s previously announced five performance stages, will be the Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) Village and a re-designed Showcase Stage. Picking up where they left off in 2010, the PEX Village is a multi-dimensional, interactive performance space, featuring dozens of art and fire sculptures, video installations, DJs, and live music. New to the Camp Bisco PEX Village is Mutaytor – a rapid-fire succession of futuristic vaudevillian theater dance acts, coupled with breathtaking feats of aerial performances. On the Showcase Stage, a mix of live art and music will create one of the festival’s most vibrant environments. Performers include: Nadis Warriors; Jimkata; The Werks; EP3; The Manhattan Project; Higher Organix; Nicos Gun; Headstash; Dirty Paris; Former Champions; Timbre Coup; Capital Zen; and Auto Orbit. Additionally, the Showcase Stage will also be the setting for the always popular Silent Disco. Sponsored by Silent Frisco, the late night experience will feature enhanced headphones to better showcase performers Nigel; PlayLow; DJ Thibault; Bookworm; Panic Bomber; Beam and Deem; Pink Skull; Motion Potion; Proper Motion; Michetti, Thump; Supersillyus; Harmsworth; D.V.S.; The Golden Pony; DJ Marmon; Outlet; Galdytron!; The Dark Flow; Moe Pope; and DJ Theory and Tone.

To help in further showcasing the tenth anniversary celebration, Camp Bisco has tapped BangOn! NYC to curate two nights of special themed parties. Beginning with Friday’s “Disco-pocalypse,” a debaucherous 70s-style dance party and continuing with the “Newer Wave” 80s-themed installation, the parties will push the boundaries of what people have come to expect from the Camp Bisco festival experience.

Finally, Camp Bisco 10 is proud to announce new promotional partnerships with tastemaker blog Thrillist, ringtone provider Myxer, music discovery platform Grooveshark, and dance music online retailer Satellite Records. These new partners will help enhance the festival experience through various initiatives throughout the festival grounds.

Tickets are available online at and 1-888-512-SHOW, as well as at all FYE stores in New England and select outlets in New York State. There are still some VIP packages left at the VIP Experience level, available for $229 in addition to the 3-day festival pass. Level Two, the Platinum Experience, are sold out for 2011. 50 cents of every ticket sold will be donated to Headcount, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization devoted to voter registration and participation in democracy.

A comment on the first ever US performance of Shpongle Live by LiS contributor Brandon Topp:

The otherworldliness of Camp Bisco is sure to provide the ideal atmosphere for the first ever performance of Shpongle Live in the United States.

Those who attended their DJ set at Camp two summers back can remember, at least vaguely, the late night tent entranced by Raja Ram and Simon Posford. The unique mixture of flute, and electro was enough to set the performance aside from others.

Extending even further from the average, in a scene that thrives off the absurd, Shpongle Live is an intensely tribal and theatrical performance. Such a show will stand even further from the pack than at Bisco 8.

The best way for impending Bisco attendees to grasp the worthiness of implementing the show into their Camp itinerary is give it a preview. The nine part HD series of Shpongle Live masters the translation of performance to youtube.  Throughout all parts viewers can see an incredible live artistic demonstration including instruments of a wide variety, electronic setups, dance, and lights.

Aside from foreigners, and world traveling trippers we can only speculate as to the in person experience of viewing this act. From what it seems, Shpongle Live has the capability to swallow a crowd into a passionately psychedelic experience, quite possibly unlike anything a first time viewer has ever known.

In a place like Bisco, where you are guaranteed to find yourself well beyond the bounds of the everyday social experience, there is no excuse not to push the limits. So if you find yourself at the Indian Lookout next week get lost, and get Shpongled.

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