Bumble ‘Biological Ripples’ Taster Mix (LostinSound.org Exclusive)

Bumble’s 10th release Biological Ripples is coming April 2, 2016 via Shanti Planti. Here is a Tester Mix direct from Max Von Bumble himself. If you dig it the grab the pre-sale over at Addictechhttp://www.addictech.com/p/206335 or check the full discography at https://bumblemusic.bandcamp.com/



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Information about Biological Ripples :
“It is thought that 13.8 billion years ago the Universe underwent a period of rapid “inflation” in the very first moments of its existence. A big bang, a 3 dimensional ripple set forth in time creating everything we see around us, and everything that is yet to come.
As we look to the stars today, we see ancient ripples of light that have traveled for light years to meet our eyes, from orbs of gases that may well be extinguished. Cast your vision in. 
Every element of every breath that was ever taken on earth is still in circulation right now in some combination or another. From the dinosaur that passed wind, to Albert Hoffman”s heavy panting whilst riding his bike, you, and I are constantly respiring throughout our whole bodies and back out to into the body of the world and everything in it. A constant ripple inward and out that will continue for eternity. 
In a blink of geological time, 900 years, Ancient sunlight in the form of coal was found in Europe and Asia and busily extracted and burnt adding to the intensity of agricultural practices that have allowed our obese populations to balloon epically out of synch with nature. 
The abundance of human food supply was, until the past few hundred years, largely determined by how much sunlight hit the ground. This is shown by our equators that are naturally teeming with life and how our poles are relatively devoid of natural life. 
Every life form on the surface of this planet is here because a plant was able to gather sunlight and store it, and something else was able to eat that plant and take that sunlight energy in to power its body. We are therefore, all ultimately made out of sunlight. And maybe you don’t know your star, but you should. 
Welcome to the 10th release from Bumble. This album stretches the musical expanses, to deliver a positive 10 songs heavy with organic instrumentation and lathered with sub and squelchy frequencies. This balance of tracks delves through the deeper realms of the concept whilst also providing up beat and bright funk inspired dance floor treats. 
All compositions, instrumentation, percussion and stories have been written and played by Max Von Bumble apart from the additional contributions by Mattew Ashbolt on bass guitar (Track 4, 10) and additional percussion contributions by Borja Valis (Track 2,3,6,7,8).”

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