Bluetech – ‘Basement Dubs’ Review

Dropping octaves intellectually, the man behind Bluetech, divine architect Evan Bartholomew, organically tempers the technological integration into Mother Earth, formatting hyper-detailed dubby bliss for elite auditory palettes.

1001918_588617841182082_1156729809_nThe Basement Dubs EP, released Aug. 5th 2013 under his label Native State Records, is an attempt to manifest the inorganic/organic sound signature threaded throughout each one of Bluetech’s works, into a solar powered music production studio. “I’m trying to convert my studio to a solar powered off grid space, to live in integrity with my beliefs and be a responsible musician doing everything I can to honor and care for my wild and gorgeous planet. If only ten percent of my fans supported this release, I would be able to convert to solar power.” Beautiful intention to place behind the Basement Dubs EP, five tracks consisting of three brilliant remixes and two DNA altering originals.                                                  

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Entering the soundscape at 70 BPM, Evan remixed Abakus’s “Cruise Control” and wraps lengthy elliptical harmonic halos around the downtempo cosmic funk, inviting a visual sense of velocity and dimension. The soothing ambient vibrations of the introduction gently taper, providing clarity. With ear buds blossomed, the Bluetech original “Basement Dub” drops alternating conical bass lines deep within the space created by the textural temperance of organic cosmic substances. Oscillating waves of melancholy and bliss flow from speakers to soul, giving movement to the body, like a Californian kelp forest swaying in oneness with the Pacific. The accordion core of Adham Shaik’s “Carpet Breaker” is elegantly emphasized with LFO work around which intricate rattles, bells, and slides are given the Bluetech signature shiny chromatic touch. The track patiently plays with progression, spontaneously altering the ambience through a mysterious gypsy swing, aggressively teasing the hips into a hypnotic gyration. Sound design is focal as the divine architect channels magic out of 440hz sine waves into defined elemental sounds. “Thrios” is one of the many examples of the master builder’s masterpieces that contain the concepts,941188_544604778916722_1125488161_n ideals, and beliefs the Bluetech project intentionally projects. Closing out the EP is Bluetech’s remix of Midnight Sound Service‘s “Imperium In Imperio.” The ambient celestial serenity slowly lowers the veil as the multiphonic orchestra backs the rotating molecular melody. The polarity achieved with the slow evolution of space and a rich, loving tonal influence gives this downtempo remix a signature Bluetech groove.

The symbiosis of the inharmonic/harmonic frequencies and the inorganic/organic textures produces a piece directly from Bluetech’s mind, body, and spirit: a truly original work of art. Spanning the spectrum from micro and macro, the intention is to grow awareness through his music as each individual touched by this message has the potential to positively impact the entire collective. The devotion, clarity, and pure artistic expression is a model for the ascended masters which we all have the potential to be. Evan’s art alters genetic structure and propels the human being into love and light. The Basement Dubs EP is truly of divine origins. Evan Bartholomew; through Bluetech, musically channels the blueprints for a utopian society, sustainability, coexistence and the ultimate evolution of life on Mother Earth.

To support the Bluetech project, purchase the album for $6 U.S.

“In my efforts to be an example of change in the way I approach and utilize technology in my art, I am attempting to convert my work space to a solar powered studio. Funds raised from the sale of this EP will go towards this goal, and your support is greatly appreciated” – Bluetech

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