AN-TEN-NAE Presents Acid Crunk Vol. 3

I’ve never been big on compilations- they’re usually a collection of some crew’s B-sides with a hit or two if you’re lucky. This much-anticipated release from An-ten-nae, however, is full of set-stealing beats and represents a new movement in the electronic world. He has succeeded in putting together an album that captures a time and place in music, a sound and scene he helped create. Heavy bass with hard synthlines, Nintendo samples and dubstep beats, glitch processors, guitars and explosive swagger.

Download it now at Beatport; out everywhere else Nov. 11th

01 – Soom T & Disrupt – Dirty Money (An-ten-nae Remix)
02 – Professor Nalepa vs It’s Not Over Quebec – Unrest
03 – Thriftworks – Get The Lectroid (Rook Remix)
04 – Knight Riderz – Turn It Up
05 – Marty Party – Sassy
06 – An-ten-nae – So High
07 – Lorn – Toilet
08 – Lunice – Solution
09 – Love & Light – Funkin Lovely
10 – Blunt Instrument – Battle Toad
11 – Mimosa – Customs
12 – Sidecar Tommy – Bump Box
13 – Random Rab – The Desert Flux
14 – Opiuo & Jay Wikid – Panty Slingshot
15 – NastyNasty – Priceless
16 – FuzZ – Doom

An-ten-nae has a knack for bringing people and sounds together, and this has become his pioneering role in the West Coast underground- he is a center point around which good things happen. Though talented on the keys and decks, I think of him as the American Freq Nasty, whose sets I’m not huge on, but who I respect for helping to develop the sounds that now dominate the scene. They both remix a lot and play everybody’s tracks, making careers, throwing events, pulling together a cohesive artistic statement people can rally around.

This new release is a great example of that gift, as he calls in favors from some names and introduces fresh talent.

Stream a few of many choice tracks:

This track stands out from the rest for me, deep pulses under gentle keys:

Thriftworks – Get The Lectroid (Rook Remix)

OG Steve Nalepa teams up with some of his students for a suspenseful film score with fireballs:

Professor Nalepa vs It’s Not Over Quebec – Unrest (Original Mix)

Australia represented well with tribal dance breaks from the swamps:

Blunt Instrument – Battle Toad (Original Mix)

Funky guitars and sounds over squishes and shifts… a promising new duo:

Love & Light – Funkin Lovely (Original Mix)

Other highlights include rousing contributions from West Coast touring vets MartyParty, Mimosa, NastyNasty and Random Rab. Lunice and Fuzz show they are ready to play with the big boys and Muti Music has itself another winner with this release. There are duds, of course, that get too cute with the effects or just become repetitive and boring, but all the bangers make it a must-have. Catch him on the road touring to support the release with various friends that appear on it.

For starters, Download An-ten-nae‘s original Acid Crunk Mixtape Vol. 1!

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