Adam Deitch is Pretty Lights’ New Drummer!

Breaking news for Pretty Lights fanatics! Derek Vincent Smith has just stepped up his game, adding Adam Deitch as his new live drummer. A founder of the supergroup Lettuce and current leader of Break Science, Deitch has played drums with an unreal amount of artists and bands, and has produced numerous albums for various acts. He has proved himself to be a masterly drummer of breakbeat, drum ‘n bass, electro, jazz, hip-hop and funk. The Berklee grad is currently a member of the associate faculty at the New School in NYC.

Now that the news has hit the stands, here’s what had to say,
“Derek will be performing along side a new drummer, Adam Deitch. Adam is basically one of the illest drummers out there right now and when his style combines with the PL style, it approaches sweet style overload. The combo of Derek Vincent Smith & Adam Deitch will undoubtedly bring the the PL shows to new heights… get ready. Find out more about Adam Deitch.”

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