D.V.S* – How It Ends EP

Download D.V.S*‘s instant bootyshaker EP How It Ends” at www.dvsmusic.net

“How It Ends” is a selection of D.V.S* style remixes. If you haven’t noticed by now, a little D.V.S* steez is always a good thing! Not only does this EP feature some of the hottest tracks out today, but they sizzle even more after D.V.S* has gotten his hands on them. “How It Ends” includes guitar-laced takes on Devotchka, Passion Pit, Bassnectar, Bjork, Major Lazer, and Youngblood Brass Band.

“As I pack my boxes for NYC, this EP is a nod to the decade plus years I’ve spent in Colorado. Enjoy… see you on the road!”  ~Derek VanScoten

D.V.S*-How it Ends (featuring Dust77)


D.V.S*-Cozza Frenzy

Upcoming D.V.S* tour dates:

Friday July 23 Gothic Theatre, Denver, CO ~ post String Cheese show with Big Gigantic, Michael Kang and more

Sat August 14th  M-Room Philadelphia, PA ~ post STS9 / Lotus show with Ghost Stepper

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