2nd Annual Remix Contest For CAMP BISCO 9

Camp Bisco Music & Arts Festival is excited to announce the return of a four-week multi-artist remix contest, in partnership with URB.com and MixMatchMusic. The winning entry will be awarded a one-hour DJ performance slot during Camp Bisco 9, the annual three-day music and arts festival taking place in Mariaville, New York beginning July 15 through 17, 2010.

The contest began on May 19, with tracks from festival hosts the Disco Biscuits, omnitempo maximalist Bassnectar, electronica pioneer King Britt and New Zealand soul reggae stars The Black Seeds. Contestants will be able to download stems for each song and upload their remixes to be streamed, commented on and rated by peers and the general public. New to the remix contest team is the Remix Wizard, provided by MixMatchMusic, an easy-to-use web-based remixing tool for beginners.

“Involving fans in the creative process through remixing is one of the best ways to make the artist – fan connection stronger,” said MixMatchMusic CEO and co-founder Charles Feinn.

Hosting and curating the remix contest will be venerable music media company URB.com. Fans will be able to visit URB.com to vote for their favorite remixes, from each of the four tracks. The winning remix of each track will go on to compete for the grand prize: a one-hour DJ performance slot during Camp Bisco 9. The contest ends June 21 and the grand prize remixer will be chosen on June 28. Remixers can visit URB.com for full details, contest rules and results.


1) Choose a song to remix, and open up that Remix Wizard widget below

2) Download song stems, its free and easy!

3) Create your remix using the stems and any additional music or beats that either you have created or have a creative commons license for. You can also make your mix online by clicking on the MixMaker button of the widget.

4) Upload an MP3 of your remix via the same widget you used to download the stems. Enter as many Camp Bisco remixes as you like!

5) Share the track with your friends and ask them to comment, rate, playlist your mix and share it with their friends on twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and their blogs, etc.

6) Once you have finished and uploaded your remix, Judges from Camp Bisco and URB.com will select a winner for each track and one grand-prize winner!

7) Contest ends June 21, 2010. Winners will be notified by June 28, 2010.

Camp Bisco 9 will once again be held at the picturesque Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, New York- located approximately 20 minutes travel time from Albany, New York. Headliners of the 50+ performer lineup, multi-stage camping festival include: The Disco Biscuits – All 3 Nights; LCD Soundsystem; Wu Massacre; Ween; and Thievery Corporation.

Camp Bisco 9 is promoted by MCP Presents and hosted by The Disco Biscuits. Visit www.campbisco.net for the most up to date information.

About MixMatchMusic:

MixMatchMusic’s Remix Wizard is an interactive widget that gives every artist the ability to engage fans through remix contests and promotions. The widget is part of a series of artist and fan friendly technologies from MixMatchMusic designed to help artists connect with fans to convert casual music fans into loyal fans, and loyal fans into paying customers. More information is available at www.mixmatchmusic.com.

About URB.com:

Founded twenty years ago as a direct outgrowth of the nascent rave scene in America, URB magazine went international in 1994, as the cultural strands it had been highlighting became the informing subculture to a new generation. Throughout its twenty year history, URB has declared in its masthead: “Ours is a tribal past and a techno future”; “Pillage technology, before it pillages you”; “B-boy and B-girl whatever you want to be”, and these remain rallying cries. Labeled a “genre bible” by the Village Voice and the “Rolling Stone of the 21st century”, URB’s identity remains as dynamic as the artists it dialogues with and the thought currents it elucidates.

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