Transformational Festival 2.0

Transformational festivals. There’s quite a buzz about them. And with good reason. They’re reshaping the way a lot of people gather, think and collaborate in an artistic environment…often times transforming a party into a celebration, ripe with tools for empowerment. But….

When I look around at transformational festivals, I see one thing missing, or perhaps it’s not that there is something missing but rather, there is an opportunity. Long lasting physical transformation of the festival site or a nearby community. Patron creation of something that adds value or instigates life after the festival is complete.

Human beings are going to these festivals by the tens of thousands. That is a ton of hands, many of which would love to get their hands dirty and create something. How about planting trees? an orchard? Reforesting land ravaged by fire? Cleaning up an island riddled with plastic? How about creating dirt bag homes for a community in need? A massive 5,000 person work party DJ’d by your favorite artists.

I personally know and am friends with a lot of festival organizers. And I know how hard they work. None of this is an expectation but rather a discussion point for future festival organization. I’m excited to see the festivals that start to weave this mentality into their design and culture. I’m sure there will be challenges, but it seems to me this idea can be experimented on a small scale and expanded upon.

Perhaps this is a model to think about for Transformational Festival 2.0?

But damn, what could we create or heal with the power of 10,000 people in one location at one time, with one focused intention? And….that’s just one festival.

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