The Herbaliser Band, Session 2

The Herbaliser Band, Session 2 came out in August and showed us again why live hip-hop played by a full band can stand up to- and eclipse- any sampler-based version. I’ve always preferred The Herbaliser’s instrumental work to their rap collaborations, and the Session albums take these tunes to another level, flowing as diverse yet homogeneous sets and spicing things up with additional horns and percussion.

They’ve always had a classic, retro quality, sampling old movies and sound effects, pulling influence from Big Band music, lounge and jazz into their beats. This comes across more smoothly than ever, producing a funky ride combining the best elements of hip-hop and the 70’s.

Session One came out in 2000 and changed the landscape of performing live electronica, a model that has produced amazing results for acts like Shpongle and Bonobo who have also put together orchestrated versions of their music. Original members Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba finally got together with The Easy Access Orchestra (the horns of Ralph Lamb and Andy Ross) and got busy on a live version of more Herbaliser hits, Session 2.

Check out:

Who’s The Realest


Goldrush from Session 1

And get Session 2 here:

Session 2 Tracklisting:

1 Mr. Chombee Has The Flaw (3:31)
2 Geddim! (4:54)
3 AM Prelude (1:33)
4 Another Mother (7:32)
5 Blackwater Drive (4:51)
6 MS Prelude (1:30)
7 Moon Sequence (6:09)
8 Amores Bongo (4:07)
9 CC Prelude (0:37)
10 Theme From Control Centre (5:28)
11 Stranded On Earth (10:35)

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