UNKLE – Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats? is a classic UNKLE DJ mix, originally recorded for Radio Ape in Japan in 2001. It was the first in a series of UNKLESounds mixes and I still listen to it ten years later.

The name references the novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Sci Fi author Philip K. Dick. Lots of Star Wars samples are mixed in to contribute to its futuristic feel, and the fact that it still sounds modern shows how ahead of its time it was.

The mix is made up of three parts, each with a distinct sound. Each combines elements of rock, dance and electronica, making for a rich and varied ride. I’ve cut them down into 45-50 minute excerpts, trimming some of the more dated material from the edges and leaving only the goods.

The Gi Mix really gets going 5:30 deep with eastern samples and laser beams. The Tai Mix is the smoothest and most danceable, featuring a killer Blade Runner soundtrack remix 5:00 in. The Shin Mix is filled with classic rock samples and instrumentation.


Gi Mix

Tai Mix

Shin Mix


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