The Egg Fall Tour 2010 Ft. Sonic Spank

Although The Egg has been around for quite some time (originally formed in the early 90’s by brothers Ned & Maff Scott), they found their niche amongst American audiences at Camp Bisco 7. Just before that show- in Mariahville, NY- their EP Forwards had reached critical acclaim with it’s instinctive approach to live indie/jam/rock music. Once people had “lost their shit” at the closing Camp slot, they were more interested than ever to check out what this band was really all about. And as most fans of The Egg know, it’s not difficult to get to know them, after spending a solid night raging with the group- which consists of Ned Scott/Keyboards, Maff Scott/Drums, Matt White/Guitar (Drew Thane/Guitar touring USA ’09/’10), & Ben Cullum/Bass.

“Live performances are as much a part of The Egg experience as their recorded material. All ‘tight’ musicians (not stingy), they posses a fluid, robust and structured revue. At the same time they’re not afraid to take chances and jump into the abyss, knowing they’ll all land at exactly same time. Maff gives an example: “We thought we’d ‘reclaim’ David Guetta’s bootleg by performing a cut up version of the Tocadisco remix live at ‘Lounge on the Farm’ in Canterbury. We weren’t sure if it would work, and were advised against it by half of our friends, but we did it anyway and it did… plus the crowd loved it, and that’s what counts.”


“Live, their songs are often very different from on record and a more ‘indie’ based track can become more ‘dance’ and vice-versa. Forthcoming single ‘Nothing’ morphs into a more clubby version live, and at Cargo in November they split their set between a live instrument-based first half and a more midi-based second. The Egg’s unique amalgamation is down to this very dichotomy, as Maff states; “We always have two processes – songs aimed at the radio and live, instrumental groove-based dance culture.” –from The Egg’s bio

Usually remembered for the hot dance track “Walking Away – Tocadisco Remix”, it is imperative that people look at the band as much more than that. Exploring all sounds and writing styles, The Egg is perfect array of “jamtronica.” Combining elements of funky bass, danced out synths, the untz beat, and spotty tripped out vocals help make this a versatile, multi-layered group.

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Sonic Spank was formed in early 2009 by Benjamin Karp & Ian McGuire with drummer Scotty Zwang added in early 2010. The addition of Zwang’s live percussion expertise has allowed Karp and McGuire to focus on their keyboards and beat synthesis. All three of the members’ Facebook interests read “Women.” And with raunchy song names and a saucy logo, it’s no secret that Spank loves the ladies and specializes in making them dance. As SonicBids’ winner for this year’s Starscape Festival live band contest, they have obviously made a massive impression on fans of all genders in the Northeast already.

“Sonic Spank, Sonic Spank, Sonic Spank,” repeated by a robotic, sensual voice. This creepy sample has really grown on me, as I am often waiting to hear it during their shows. From the crowd, it is hard to overlook the band’s energy, their “undeniable chemistry on stage and innocent perversion” (as they would put it), and their outrageous facial expressions (especially McGuire’s eye squint and pouty face combo). However, I can say that from a backstage perspective it is remarkable to watch Spank play their instruments together. It’s almost like an epic musical threesome with multiple womp climax’s. House, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Jazz, Funk, and Dubstep spew from the laptops, and virtuoso instrumentals make it a whole lot to keep up with. Sonic Spank has got it going on and the spanking has only just begun.

Sonic Spank has made numerous high-profile appearances at clubs, parties, radio stations and festivals, with an enthusiastic response from audiences. Sonic Spank has been billed with major national/international acts including the Disco Biscuits, Pretty Lights, Lotus, Crystal Method, The New Deal, Infected Mushroom, Pnuma Live PA, EOTO, OTT, ESKMO, Sub Swara, Brothers Past, Future Rock & Emancipator. Additionally, McGuire, Karp & Zwang have collaborated onstage with members of The Disco Biscuits, Brothers Past, Lotus, Future Rock, Orchard Lounge, Biodiesel, KJ Sawka, Breakscience, The Pnuma Trio, Sonkin, Lo Life, RAQ, Calvin Weston and The Ally to name a few.

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1.”Who Wants to Get Spank’d vol. 1″:

2. Sonic Spank (Silk City) 5-19-2010:

3.”Who Wants to Get Spank’d vol. 2″: (To be released this month)

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