Beats Antique – Blind Threshold Tour Episodes

The Brain Trust Presents:

Beats Antique

feat. Lynx (of Lynx & Janover)

Auto Orbit

Harper’s Ferry

18+ $15

Live crystal wrapping & vending by Matt DiSpagna
Mountaintop removal/coal mining awareness by Martin Driggs
Live painting & gallery provided by Brianna Dillman
Jewelry & accessories by Mia Anter
Performance art from the Grasshopper Collective

“We wanted to share with you our beautiful ECO Bus that we’ll be touring in. I know you think, ‘how can a gas guzzling bus be eco?’ Well this bus is part of an extra special project called the SUSTAINABLE LIVING ROADSHOW!

We are partnering up with the Sustainable Living Roadshow and touring this Recycled, Solar Powered, Biodiesel bus to help promote ideas of sustainable living! We will be having eco info booths at as many shows as we can on this tour. These booths will help connect our fans with local groups who are making a difference in the sustainable movement. For more info on the Sustainable Living Roadshow check their Facebook HERE !”

Beats Antique

Growing like wildfire under the canopy of live electonica and world roots music comes Beats Antique, a masterful merge of modern technology, live instrumentation and seductive performance. Beats Antique combines the sounds of the Middle East and orchestral gypsy music with the styles of hip-hop, brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep in a new collage of music that is mixed and broken down with clever breakbeats for an adept international flair. Beats Antique is producing an un-charted style of music by adding live horns, accordion, glockenspiel, viola, string quartets, kalimba, clarinet and various unusual instruments to their big beat arrangements.

Born of Oakland, CA, the musical trio consists of producers, David Satori, Sidecar Tommy and world-renowned belly dance performer/producer Zoe Jakes, who helped inspire the thematic Middle East tempo of the band.

On the tails of their latest release, Contraption Vol.1, Beats Antique has been consistently selling out major venues up and down the west coast, and have also toured extensively as support for national acts such as Les Claypool from PRIMUS and Bassnectar. In line with their recent success, Beats Antique has signed on C3 Presents as management, and Madison House as booking.

After only 3 years performing as a cohesive force, the group is about to self release their fourth album, Contraption, Vol. 2 which furthers their journey through new electro-acoustic soundscapes. Their second release, “Collide” on CIA (Miles Copeland’s new label, previous manager/producer of The Police, REM, etc.) has consistently held the number one spot in’s Middle Eastern category, and has also reached the Top 10 list of most downloaded artists under World Dance, and the Top 20 most downloaded electronica albums.


LYNX, an innovative singer songwriter originally from Colorado and now the Bay Area has been playing music and performing since the age of 7. Now 25, she has been breaking new ground on both the live and electronic music scenes. LYNX’s Music combines elements of folk, electronica and hip hop. She is just as at home playing her guitar and singing in a living room as she is MCing with some the hottest DJs around. Her Current Full-time Project is playing electro-acoustic duets with hammer-dulcimer innovator Jamie Janover.

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Auto Orbit

In early 2010 Auto Orbit began releasing their take on electronic music. After working alone for a few months, founding members Kyle Kurkjian and John orbit met drummer Evan Press and guitarist Zach Cohn of Electric Mandala to go in the direction of organic livetronica. Based out of Boston, Auto Orbit is working with a family of promoters to bring the best electro parties to the Boston music scene.

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