Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Review | Sound, Design and Playability

While huge guitars are obligatorily anticipated that would have an uproarious and blasting sound, little measured guitars are normally expected to have the inverse, an essentially bring down volume. The less blasting sound regularly found in little guitars is mostly a result of their little body.

In any case, this sound issue has been adjusted by the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany on account of the materials utilized and the creativity depicted by the organization to utilize the Grand Symphony guitar as a kind of perspective point.

Truth be told, the body found in the Taylor Mini Mahogany is a contracted variant of Taylor’s Grand Symphony guitar. The outcome is a guitar that outperforms most full-sized fledgling guitars in regards to sound quality by a noteworthy edge.

The tone created by this guitar is both warm and brilliant. While most smaller than normal guitars do not have the bass sound, the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany plays it faultlessly nearby a tough treble and mid-run.

Regardless of whether beat with drive or strummed daintily, this present guitar’s volume is constantly reliable and in consummate adjust. The Taylor GS Mini Mahogany sounds superior to anything most full-sized guitars and has uncommon sound quality for a passage level scaled down guitar.


When I initially observed the Mahogany Taylor GS Mini, I was astounded the guitar didn’t look as small scale as the name proposes. Surprisingly better, Taylor did not (as it is run of the mill with the organization) trade off on the outline and delivered an exceptionally charming instrument in the Taylor GS Mini. The guitar’s back and sides are both made out of value Sapele while the best is produced using strong Sitka Spruce, an element regularly found in top of the line guitars.

Also, the complete is supplemented by Matte, another element just found in Taylor guitars that cost around three or four times more than the Taylor GS Mini. Likewise, most guitars utilize low-quality wood for the Bridge and Fretboard, however this guitar utilizes genuine Ebony wood.

Seeing that the body is however somewhat more slender than full-sized guitars, the Taylor GS Mini is agreeable for the two grown-ups and kids willing to figure out how to play the guitar.


Throughout the years, Taylor has picked up a notoriety for creating the absolute most playable guitars ever. Regardless of whether the guitar costs you a couple of hundred dollars or thousands, you can make sure that it will be anything but difficult to play and won’t make them lose inspiration inside two or three days like some different guitars. On the off chance that you play rather forcefully, you should need to raise the Taylor GS Mini’s activity as it is somewhat low.

Low activity is something worth being thankful for both expert players and apprentices. Amateurs are given the capacity to play clear notes without the customary intrusion caused by string hums while the aces get the opportunity to move their fingers through the scales effortlessly. String buzz can be a genuine inspiration sucker when figuring out how to play the guitar; the baffling inclination can be mitigated by acquiring a guitar with a low activity, for example, the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany.

Taylor’s full-sized guitars utilize a protected NT neck joint to upgrade their playability. The reason the Taylor GS Mini trumps most different guitars with respect to playability is on the grounds that Taylor utilizes a similar neck joint on the smaller than normal guitar. This element makes it a standout amongst the most playable smaller than normal guitars right now available.

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