Soulacybin Releases New Track “That Which You Are” – LiS Exclusive

Soulacybin is the product of an insatiable appetite for music and the continual urge to create and share it with the World. Musician/Producer/Artist John LaBoone harmoniously melds his passion for traditional Jamaican Dub and ambient electronic soundscapes into heart-felt music that is meticulously crafted with care and love. Live guitar and melodic synths combine with mid-tempo beats and throbbing dub basslines to transport listeners to a place of pure emotive sound, stimulating the Body, Mind, and Heart.”

Every so often new music emerges from the woodwork like cream separating itself from milk and thus is the case with Louisville, Kentucky-based producer John LaBoone, known as Soulacybin. When I first heard Soulacybin‘s sounds I had the immediate urge to share it with everyone – thoughtfully crafted psydub layered with an electric guitar that could sole-handedly pack your mind’s bags and take it on vacation to that place you want to be, you know the one I mean. It’s additionally refreshing to hear high quality psydub with live instrumentals that isn’t being pushed out of the Bay area or the land down under. Whether you’re trying to dance your hardest or relax your hardest, if you’re a fan of experimental electronic music then there’s a time and a place for Soulacybin in your regular rotation.

While this release “That Which You Are” evokes rhythms of conscious psystep, I urge you to check out all of Soulacybin‘s tracks. Each and every song is composed in a unique fashion that intrigues the ear, giving the listener the desire to hear the song progress and evolve through to the end. Enjoy the track, we at Lost in Sound are honored to be sharing it with you all!

Soulacybin – That Which You Are


Catch Soulacybin on June 17th at Impulse Festival in Union Point, Georgia along with EOTO, EmancipatorPapadosio, Govinda, Archnemesis, Zoogma, and more! Stay up to date on new releases and tour dates below:

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