Sol Rising’s ‘The Chillout Sessions’

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The Chillout Sessions, Sol Rising’s fourth full-length release of all original production, drops today. The Santa Monica, CA based producer leaps out of his more hip-hop and funk infused dance music comfort zone to speak to another, more intimate and chill mode of life. The Chillout Sessions is notably more of a slow flow than his past work, featuring 10 tracks merging deep trap and chill wave. These beats were crafted with the dual purpose of listening while relaxing night or day, and to inspire lively movement while vibing out to an epic sunrise.

1532141_1201397383203702_7859416073125194009_nOn the first single, “A New Day”, softly glitched synths establish a spacious and smooth atmosphere from the jump. Vocal samples that sound almost like an organ or flute serenade us. The bassline comes in and out, maintaining a sexy rhythm while never being overbearing. It is Sol Rising’s auditory representation of the necessary process of letting go of old patterns, rebirthing oneself into a new paradigm.

The second single released exclusively on, “Harps and 808s”, is a chilled out exposition on his hip-hop and soul infused electronic music production. He set out to create a perfect fusion of the beautiful, hypnotic trill of a harp and the groove of warm bass and simple 808s. The result sounds like the soundtrack to the pensive thoughts of a turntablist.

“Float” builds layer on layer of hip-hop breaks, deep moaning vocals and a steady chime-like synth. The result is a lightness of being. “Destiny” is both simple and intriguing. The beautiful picking of strings on strings blends with strange production reminiscent of Prefuse 73 or Of Porcelain.  “Spirit Got Swag” brings the tempo and energy up, with rapid interplay between ethereal vocals and future bass beats.

The vibe Sol Rising creates start to finish on The Chillout Sessions is a balance of relaxation and hype. The listener can tap into the instrumental flow of tracks like “Your Love” or “Atmospheric Guitar”, either to drift off in meditation, or to create a rhythm for a vinyasa session. Pristine production and a mastery of the downtempo, chill hip-hop sound marks a seminal moment for Sol Rising. The Chillout Sessions is available now to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud as well as download on Bandcamp.



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