Sapien – Live at Strawberry Fields 2016 Exclusive Mix

Since the dawn of time, humans have told stories. Through cave drawings, dance and music over open fires, we have told stories as a way to shape our existence. The elements of a story – a beginning, middle and end – are often the same, but as humans we each offer a unique perspective which shapes how a story is relayed. Sapien is a story teller, combining elements of the ancient past, the living present and the technological future, carefully constructed into frequencies that resonate on a level that transcends language, and is left to each person to interpret in a way that is unique to their own self in that specific moment of time.

This particular story was recorded at midday on Saturday at Strawberry Fields Festival 2016 on the banks of the Murray River, deep in the Australian bush and is told via a selection of music from various styles, fused with some unreleased original productions.

On top of music production and DJing, Sapien has recently teamed up with Lostinsound as a representative for the Australian scene, providing content to the website and giving the readers exposure to some of the unique sounds coming from down under.

Track list:
Loud & Raja Ram – Why was music created (intro)
Erothyme – Our Sacred Hours
AtyYa – Fortress of Light
Beatroots – Chords of Limbo
Sapien – ?????????? (unreleased)
Bloop – A Shift in Perspective
Master Minded – Phase 2 – In Between the Links
Sikida x Byzantine Time Machine – Cuniform Chronicle
Mr Bill & Ill Gates – Slumberliess
Sapien – Primary Perception
Shaman’s Dream – Breath of Ma (AtYya Remix)
Detox Unit – Systems Offline
Electrocado – Baited
Somatoast – Obscurity Security
Desert Dwellers – Lotus Heart (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
Circuit Bent – Orchestrality
Flowertz – Dub it Up
Moontricks – Horse Portal
Sapien – Chinese Whispers (Forthcoming on Merkaba Music)
Kalya Scintilla – The Rise of Horus
Matanza, Acid Paulii & Joke – How Strange (Nicola Cruz Remix)
Gama – Riscado

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