Brings Sample Sales Back To Artists is a new marketplace where producers can sell their music and find professional grade samples from the best Sound Designers and labels.

Similar to Bandcamp’s revenue share system, artists keep up to 85% of their sales, which incentivizes the highest quality and disrupts the status quo of the sample industry.

Until now, sound distribution companies paid a small flat fee for the rights to a set of sounds and then collected the profits on the sales. The result has been mainstream loop sites selling the same sample packs made by anonymous amateur producers and companies – few talented producers want to be exploited in this way.

Many of the available packs sound the same, derivative of various EDM trends. It becomes quite obvious that these aren’t the real sounds professionals are using to make good music. In order to obtain access to professional samples, producers either had to trade with other good producers or make the sounds themselves if they had the skill and time.

The Pro Samples model could vastly improve the quality of music across all genres and open up the exchange of ideas and resources. As a community, we are legitimizing the art of composing with these elements, and it’s time there was a proper place to trade them.

Gravitas Recordings, Merkaba Music, Shanti Planti Records, and skilled producers like Sixis, Occult, Nanda, DMVU and Antandra have started to share their sounds there. Check it out and upgrade your sample collection!

Check out some of the products that were part of the recent launch:

Shanti Planti Psybass Sample Pack


 Elemental Sound Symbology Sample Pack


Occult – Elements Dubstep Sample Pack


Antandra – World Music Sample Pack

World Music Sample Pack (Premium Edition) Vol 1crop

Gravitas Recordings Presents Noverture Vol. 3 – Percussion Sample Pack


Sixis Sample Pack 1


Fractal Dragon Sample Pack Vol. 1


DMVU Hip Hop Samples Vol. 1



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