Phutureprimitive Live at The Wonder Ballroom (Full Set D/L)

Phutureprimitive is an exciting project from Rain, a quickly emerging producer with bases in Portland, Oregon & England. “After beginning a DJ career in the 90’s, Rain began incorporating the music he was making in his home studio into his DJ sets. That was all it took to trigger a full blown love affair with electronic music and the process of its creation.. Phutureprimitive was born.” – Autonomous Music (Who he recently signed with.. Go there for more)

His smooth, ambient compositions are more than just beats; they are layered with organic instruments and live bass, the mark of the best in the genre. The peaks, valleys and tangents spiraling into the cosmos are endlessly entertaining. He hypnotizes you into a willing companion on his mystical journey.

In a direct assault against the “lone producer behind a laptop” standard of performing live electronic music, Rain is taking the live experience to new levels. The Phutureprimitive live show is now realized as a full band featuring drums by Thaddeus Moore, bass by Joel Crane, and guitar, keyboards and vocals by Rain.

Here’s a show from this summer available for free download that I’ve been listening to constantly:

Phutureprimitive Live @ The Wonder Ballroom 6/12/09

Video from the show! The song is off the long-awaited new album coming SOON, yet unnamed. Featuring Alyssa Palmer on vocals.

His occasional use of choral vocals makes the music angelic as it floats along. It gets tribal, with complex drum beats pulling along bizarre, spacey tricklings and then gets you moving. Like Entheogenic and Shpongle, samples from around the world are incorporated to give it both an ultra-modern yet ancient feel, tearing the time-space continuum,  zooming through history and the future, the first and third worlds at once.

His first release, Sub Conscious from 2004, is ESSENTIAL for anyone into Electronic music. Trust me, get it now!


Phutureprimitive – Spanish Fly (Flamenco Dub pt.1)

Phutureprimitive – Hyper-Sense

If you have the means, please support this project and actually buy this stuff… We need more of these types of live acts here, Europe hogs them all!

Bonus (Last track from the live set):

Bluetech – Oleander (Phutureprimitive Symbiotic Mix)

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