Music Ecology in January!


Jan 3rd – Phillosopher and Music Ecology Residents


Phillosopher (Phillip Surrett) Dj/ Producer hailing from the Salty Shoars of Charleston, S.C. derives his sound from viewing a Energy Warp Drive Oscillator that takes you behind the veil, and into a world of Unity and Divinity. He experiments with unusual sound tantrums daily in hopes of finding the Splat helps you achieve a state of pure lamprophony with the voice of creation. “In some situations you may find yourself hearing things that make you feel ways about stuff.” That being said come enjoy a fine tuned blast off and feel the energy.


Jan 10th – Sonic Beating Takeover w/ DJ Anya & Keith Mattar

DJ Anya:

Anya is a Russian dj, member, promoter, and booking agent for the successful Boston-based Sonic Beating crew. She enjoys DJing many different styles of electronic music including full-on and dark psytrance, minimal techno/tech house, IDM, and progressive. Because she started listening to electronic music over 15 years ago, her taste is wide and varied, and her passion is to just see everyone dance. Anya has been involved with Sonic Beating for over 3 years and has worked with the SB team to push Psyforia – Boston’s semi-monthly psytrance party – out into the main Boston electronic music scene. Anya has been a featured guest on the 10-year running WZBC radio station ( show “Green” with Jeff Mission & used to hold a bimonthly slot on the Greek psy internet radio station MelexRadio. She has played various clubs, parties, and festivals in the US on the East and West Coasts, and internationally in Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Panama and more.

Keith Mattar:


Jan 17th – Normal Instruments with Mindstream

Normal Instruments:

Normal Instruments is the brainchild of Mike Carter, guitarist and singer from the Boston-based band, The Indobox, featuring a members of Higher Organix, Cosmic Dust Bunnies and the one and only Jeff Bujak


Mindstream is the musical vision of 21 year old Boston-based composer/bassist/producer Chris Mack. By spending hours upon hours each week working on new music, and always featuring one or more live musicians at performances, Mindstream is able to blend the styles of the newest dubstep, trance and house DJs with the sensibility of an improv-based jam band. One of the newest members of the “live-tronica” scene, Mindstream’s intricate percussion sections and chest rattling bass lines combine with ever-evolving synth sounds, wailing guitar solos, and instrumental surprises ranging from the saxophone to the sitar to the djembe are sure to make each performance a truly unique experience.


Jan 24th – Ian Stewart w/ Louis Deluxe & The Amazing Baz

Ian Stewart:

Ian Stewart is a Connecticut based producer and performer of alternative electronic dance music. Despite a background in traditional house DJing, Ian has recently made the switch to a live PA style set, allowing him to mix and manipulate his all-original music with much greater flexibility than a two-turntable setup would allow.The catalyst for this transformation was Ian’s debut full-length album, Dubonomics, released independently on August 5th, 2011. The music comprising the album was first performed at The Big Up music festival to a wildly enthusiastic reception. Fans lauded the set as “awesome… one of my favorite acts”, “stellar”, and “absolutely perfect”.

Since the album’s release, Ian has played at several other festivals throughout the north-east, and club dates in New York City, Boston, and New Haven. He has also shared the stage with and supported artists including Tipper, Orchard Lounge, Ott, Pnuma Trio, Eskmo, Sub Swara, Big Gigantic, Elliot Lipp, Telepath, and more.

With momentum for Dubonomics still building, Ian has already begun work on his next project. While the future-dub sounds of Dubonomics are perfectly suited to warm up party-goers for a night of full-on electronic bliss, exclusive live performances of the new material already have fans clamoring over the energetic new sound Ian is pursuing.

Louis Deluxe:

The Amazing Baz:


Jan 31st – The Chroma Concept Debut EP Realease party with Dice Motion

The Chroma Concept:

The Chroma Concept was formed shortly after New Year of 2011. They met at Berklee College of Music, where they developed their vision and honed their sound. The group seeks to combine instrumental music with electronic styles. Centered around improvisation, they mix grooves such as Dubstep, Funk and Drum’n’Bass freely within the framework of their jazz-influenced compositions. The group is currently a trio consisting of Ezra Platt (Guitar/EFX), Mike Clairmont (Bass/EFX) and Stefan Bildy (Drums). They have already performed at some of New England’s premier nightclubs (Middle East Upstairs, Church Boston, Stone Church, Copperfield’s, Oliver’s, Mill St. Brews). They have written an abundance of original material that can withstand even the longest most grueling sets. The Chroma Concept is in the process of infiltrating the US creative music scene with their mind-bending, powerful music.

Dice Motion:

In Boston, MA, Fall 2009, Blinding Sparks convoluted together at a regular home studio and gave birth to a Livid Tectonic Plate Moving Soulmerging Sound.This sound is the Creative Fusion of producers Joel Friedman & WigGz Caro interacting with Ableton Live from night to sunrise on any given day.
On the next day, the Monstrous Frankenstein that emerged from the bass heavy speakers became known as Dice Motion.

Combining a melting pot of influences of Dubstep, Glitch, Electro, House, Folk, and etc…, this duo stays true to the Electronic Music Tradition of blurring genre lines and staying true to themselves on only one thing, INNER MOVING MUSIC.



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