DJ UMB – Beautiful Dervish (A Journey Into Sufi Dub)

DJ UMB is a masterful DJ that seeks to incorporate sounds from all over the world with popular styles like Dub, Dubstep, Lazer Glitch and House. Co-Editor of the Generation Bass Blog, he has held down residencies at London clubs and put together over 40 free mixtapes, ranging from “Transnational Dubstep” to “Afreaka” beats; check his Soundcloud. Tribal elements and a wide variety of string and drum samples make his work stand out as he takes on influences from different cultures. He can also get ultra modern and rip club bangers with the best of them, releasing great mixes like LazerGlitchBitch..

This one is a unique journey through Sufi Dub, derived from Celt-Islam traditions. A great chill-out mix full of violins, flutes, ambient vocals and reggae basslines, it showcases his smooth transitions and experiments with effects and tempos within the theme. Commence exploration of Generation Bass, DJ UMB and this mix:

DJ UMB – Beautiful Dervish (A Journey into Sufi Dub)

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