Mesmer is a name starting to ring out in the European electro and breaks scene, and its time we tuned in.  Andrei Voica from Bucharest, Romania, has been involved in the ever growing dance music scene in Romania since 1996. His style is a tight blend of psychedelic, electro and funk-induced sounds, tribal and futuristic,  dirty and smooth at once. He has a knack for dramatic, uplifting builds and is a gifted live DJ who has won awards and topped charts.

His releases on Scarcity Records have become set-building staples for DJs everywhere; they include great loops, samples and sounds perfect for mixing in Ableton. I particularly like the “Cubes” single and “Wormsigns”, “Every Time I lose Control” and “Vibrations” from the Furious Fish LP. Check em out on Beatport. His style reminds me of Mylo, only a little deeper and harder, shifting through upbeat electro builds, mixing in rock guitars and always keepin it movin’.

He uses a lot of vocal samples, which can be hit and miss- occasionally they get too poppy for American tastes, even over compelling beats. Most of the time they are chopped and distorted in interesting ways and layered over floor-pumping goodness, like the samples below. Be patient with Mesmer and you will be rewarded with unique new ideas. I’m gonna let the music do most of the talking..

Mesmer teams up with dance guru Beta for a banger:

Mesmer & Beta – Tetris (Original Mix)

This mix is fire all the way through:

Mesmer – The Scarf Sessions 01

Headphone or high-volume listening advised, many sounds on the edges of the frequency range…,

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