Magnetic Gathering – OCT6789 – Prepare for the Magic

Magnetic Melt Productions Presents

The Farm. On the Hill. Under the Sky. In the Trees.


Holderness, NH [October 6-9]

Let’s get our Magnetic Minds creative! This is a party fit for aliens: 2 main stages & multiple DJ platforms, farmer’s market, fire performers, large art installations, and a community bonfire. Meditation and yoga will start each day and music will last until 3am each night! What started as Green Family Festival quickly grew and has now moved to a 100 acre farm & 40 acre field at the base of the White Mountains, just 2 hours from Boston and 3 from Burlington!

Tickets are $80 now and will go up to $100 at the gate. $50 individual day tickets are also available at the gate. Please buy your tickets in advance, as this is a small homegrown gathering that is not at a corporate level and can use all the help they can get! Let’s all give back to each other and support one another as we continue to cultivate the community we enjoy.

Prepare yourself for the sexiest costume parties ever!

Friday – Wild Thing (Ears, whiskers, leather, and tails! Be exotic!)
Saturday – Action Figure (Create your OWN hero!)
Sunday – White Tribal (Seriously sexy white wear. Make yourself glow.)

SPREAD THE WORD. Friends don’t let friends miss this.

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Magnetic Mission Statement:

“The intent of The Magnetic Gathering is to magnify reality by creating an experience that awakens our mind, body, and soul to understand the transitional period that human consciousness is going through. As a growing community we have an extraordinary power to attract the most beautiful, creative, and spiritual people to positively influence others. Come discover the liquid gravitational pull as the most magnetic minds are gathered to activate higher vibrational symmetry, through sound, light, and energy healing. Here in the mountains surrounded by peak foliage life moves in flow motion, take the time to relax, reflect, and recognize creation and our purpose within it. Join us in a place that may just be a farm, on a hill, under the sky, in the trees, but realize that we are all together floating through space. A vacation from reality, to reality. Melt with us.

We plan to keep the vibrations high, using art installations, local organic food vendors, acrobats, unity consciousness speakers, fire keepers, yoga classes, energy healing, and of course plenty of dancing!”

Whether you’ve been on a festival run all summer and need one last weekend of magic before the snow arrives, or you need to break free from the confines of the city or daily life, the Magnetic Gathering will offer something special. Take advantage of this opportunity to melt your burdens and take on the winter with a strong mind and fresh outlook. After all, today isn’t yesterday, keep it moving, see you there.

Bluetech. Phutureprimitive. Abakus. TheMalah.
Futexture. Medisin. Skytree. PsyLab. SpaceJesus.
Perileyes. RootsOfCreation. SpiritualRez. Insignya.
Lespecial. TheEDD. DigitalStalion. Pinecone. Mauce.
CyborgTrio. FullSpectrum. BluesForBreakfast. DerekAstles.
HarborTown. GiganticAnt. DrunkenDojaMonkey. AutoOrbit.
DrewYardis. A.T.T.I.C. MikeyLikesIT. Lost BetweenSound. Epicenter.
CreativeCommon. BlackLightRuckus. TheShape. The Hornitz.
AlexRusso. BigLoveMonster. PongosGroove. Outlet. Bartlomein.
DJInsight. Digital Storm. CrunchyWesternBoys. RackemLetsGo.

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